Hi, and welcome to my blog!

Reading health and fitness blogs is something I enjoy doing in my free time, and so I thought, why not start one of my own. Even though, I have to admit it is a little daunting to begin a fitness and health blog when there are so many great ones out there already. My hope is you will find something here that motivates you daily towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here, at Fitness in the Kitchen, I will be blogging about exercise, workouts, recipes, my family, my work, my friends, fitness/health trends, sometimes controversial topics, and a smattering of things I’ve learned in my 30 years of life. To read the longer version of who I am and my fitness background, check out the “about” page on the blog.

Speaking of workouts, I thought a great post to start with would be sharing one of my all time  favorite home workouts.

I don’t know about you, but I used to dread leg workouts. My legs are the part of my body that take the longest to show definition and improvement. At 5’2″ my legs seemed to bulk up rather than build a lean muscular look. This leg workout I’m going to share with you combats the bulk with weighted exercises plus plyometrics, and because the workout is done for time it gets your heart rate soaring to.

Stance and jump of the sumo burpee.

Stance and jump of the sumo burpee.

Here’s the workout:

6s Leg Burner

Warm-up 5 minutes total
 (do each of the following for 1 min) run in place, jumping jacks, skaters, jump rope, and high knees.
*This circuit is to be completed for time. See how fast you can complete all four rounds of the six exercises without sacrificing form.
1.Dumbbell Walking lunges 20 reps with 10-25 lb weights in each hand
2.Squat jumps 20 reps, squat down low, and jump up high
3.Plank leg raise  20 reps
(Starting in plank position on your elbows, keeping your back straight and abs tight lift your right heel towards the ceiling and squeeze your glutes. Return your foot to start and repeat with your left leg. This is 1 rep.
4.Sumo Burpees 20 reps
(Place hands on the floor and jump feet out into a pushup position. Then jump feet back towards hands into a wide sumo squat position and immediately jump up reaching for the ceiling)
5.Single Leg Deadlifts 20 reps each leg with a 5-10lb dumbbell in each hand
6. Jumping Lunges 20 reps each leg with an explosive jump switch
*Repeat the entire circuit another time, completing 15 reps of each exercise, then 10 reps, then 5 reps for a total of 4 times through the circuit.
Cool down, with this ab burner  or some light stretching


If you try this workout let me know how you liked it and post your time in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll visit again.


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thanks Lisa! Let me know if you try the workout. The first time I did it was with a friend, and we both complained about sore glutes for a day or two.

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