DIY: Workout Journal

Several of you sent requests asking what my workout journal looked like, and how to make one.

Let me warn you…it’s nothing fancy. I’m not a crafty gal. However, my workout journal is something that I always have accessible and as I try new workouts and add them to my journal I always have a great sweat session at my finger tips.

Now let’s work together to make yours! 🙂

What you need:
A notebook (choose whatever size and style you like best. If you want to keep it in your gym bag you may want a smaller notebook, if you will only be using it at home you may choose something larger)
A pencil (I prefer using a pencil to make corrections, or to change up my workouts whenever I want)
Inspiration, motivation, creativity

I like these five star notebooks. They have a spot for you pencil in front, and inside have pockets to file new ideas, recipes, work inspiration, etc.

I like these five star notebooks. They have a spot for your pencil in front, and inside have pockets to file new ideas, recipes, work inspiration, etc.

– A glue stick
– Picture clippings from magazines or books, inspirational quotes, favorite Bible verses, etc.
(These are for if you are one of those crafty type of people. You can decorate the front and back of your notebook, or put inspirational quotes inside next to your favorite workouts.)

This quote would be great for decorating your journal.

Once you have your notebook decide how you want to organize it.
Personally, I like the notebooks that have tabs separating each section. I can then organize my workouts either a) by muscle group, b) by intensity level (easy, moderate, hard), c) by type of workout (i.e. circuit, pure cardio, pure weights, yoga, etc.) or however you prefer to organize yours is fine.

Here is an example of how one might organize a workout journal by muscle group.
Tab 1: Shoulders/Arms
In the pages following document your favorite arm workouts. For example:

Quick Shoulder Burn *Complete all 3 sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. Rest 30 sec. between sets, and 1 min. between exercises.
Exercise Set Rep Weight
Alternating Shoulder Press


15,12,10 Use a challenging weight, the last 2 or 3 reps should be difficult. Increase weight for the 2nd set, and then increase again for the final set.
Front lateral raise


Shoulder row


Side lateral raise




Tab 2: Cardio

Heart Pumping Plyometric workout Complete one full set of each exercise and then rest for 1 min. Repeat 3 more times for a heart pumping 22 min. cardio workout.
Exercise Set Rep Weight
Jumping lunges


30sec. Use only your bodyweight.
Air squats




High Knee Run


Lateral jumps


180 degree Squat Jump


1 min.


Tab 3: Legs

Lean Legs Workout Complete one full set of each exercise with no rest in between. Then rest for one minute. Complete the entire workout 2 more times. Finish with some cardio like 10 minutes of jumping rope.
Exercise Set Reps Weight
Walking lunges 3 20 (10 each leg) 10-20lbs.
Goblet squats 3 15 10-20 lbs.
Stair jumps 3 45 sec. bodyweight, jump for 45 sec. straight
Glute bridges 3 15 (w/3sec. Hold) bodyweight, hold at the top of the bridge for 3 sec. each rep
Lateral lunges 3 20 (10 each leg) 10-15lbs.


Kind of get the idea?

A circuit workout from my workout journal.

A circuit workout from my workout journal. Don’t mind the sweat stain on the page.

The internet, magazines like Oxygen, your fitness loving friends, and fitness and health related blogs are all great places to get workout ideas and inspiration for your workout journal.
Also, I have an arsenal of workouts that I have yet to share here on Fitnessinthekitchen. The blog is still new, and still a work in progress, however I hope in the future to be a source of new workout ideas and encouragement for you.

So get to it! I can’t think of a better weekend project than to create your fitness journal.

If you make one, can you please email me some pictures of your journal, or ideas that you came up with while making it?! I’d love to hear how it went for you, and get some new inspiration for my journal as well.

Have a great weekend!


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