Weekly Eats and Fitness 5/6-5/12

Hey, how’s your weekend going? Hopefully you are getting in some good R&R in between Mother’s Day festivities. Mother’s Day doesn’t apply to me yet, so there weren’t any crazy parties over here, unless you count cleaning the house and prepping food for the week a party…

We have some guests coming in tomorrow and Tuesday so things could change quite a bit, but here’s what’s on the menu for fitness and food this week @ Fitnessinthekitchen:


Monday- am run,







This week’s Dinner ideas:

Sunday – Morrocan Lentil Soup

Monday- Egg and Swiss Chard Tart

Tuesday- arrachera (type of Mexican steak),  salad, and arroz rojo (red rice) – we’ll be having guests from Guadalajara

Wednesday- Orzo Salad

Thursday- Make your Own Pizzas on homemade flatbread

Friday- not sure what’s happening this night, might be doing a team dinner of some sort

Saturday- leftovers

Lunches will be lots of salads (Pete just brought me lettuce from town…4 hours away), leftovers, and probably a tuna or salmon melt thrown in there somewhere.
I like to add grains like quinoa, or beans to my salads to up the protein and nutrition content.

Breakfasts consist of fresh fruit/veggie smoothies, oats, overnight oatmeal, eggs and toast, and pancakes or something special on the weekend.

Snacks – every week I make a protein loaded snack, and then either something savory or sweet. I’m thinking this week some:

PB Protein Balls (still working on perfecting my version)


And either some of these or Millet Green Chili/Cheese muffins

Prep ahead:
PB Protein balls
Millet Green Chili muffins (make extra millet for curry night)
Sprouts (I sprout my own…maybe a “how to” post sometime?)
Batch of garbanzo beans for salads, and bean burgers (I make a large batch and freeze them for quick lunches)

Question of the Day: Do you meal plan? Why or why not? What is on your menu this week for eats and work outs?

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