This Week in Eats and Fitness 5/12 – 5/18

Hey, how’s your weekend going? Hopefully you are getting in some good R&R in between Mother’s Day festivities. My Mom lives almost 60 hours away, and in a different country, but I want to say that I love her and could never have asked for a stronger example of what a Mom should be.


She is also my most loyal friend, and I miss her very much. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

We have some guests coming in tomorrow and Tuesday so things could change quite a bit, but here’s what’s on the menu for fitness and food this week @ Fitnessinthekitchen:


Monday- run in the a.m. + core circuit

Tuesday- Lower body circuit + HIIT (high intensity intervals)

Wednesday- run in the a.m.

Thursday- Upper body circuit

Friday- run in the a.m. + core circuit

Saturday- HIIT + Total Body Ciruit

Sunday- Yoga

This week’s Dinner ideas:

Sunday – Morrocan Lentil Soup

Monday- Egg and Swiss Chard Tart

Tuesday- arrachera (type of Mexican steak),  salad, and arroz rojo (red rice) – we’ll be having guests from Guadalajara

Wednesday- Orzo Salad

Thursday- Make your Own Pizzas on homemade flatbread

Friday- not sure what’s happening this night, might be doing a team dinner of some sort

Saturday- leftovers

Breakfast – some baked steel cut oatmeal sounds pretty good, and I made a batch of oven toasted granola yesterday so that will be making an appearance with homemade yogurt.

Lunch – will be a mix of whatever leftovers happen to be in the fridge along with sandwiches, quesadillas, etc.

Question of the day: How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? What’s on the menu for fitness and eats in your casa this week?

Happy Sunday!

~ Liesl

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