Back on the Web + 6/30 – Workout and Eats Ideas

Hey guys! I’m back!
We were only without internet for about two weeks…but it seemed much longer than that. When it truly is your only means of communication with family and friends it becomes just that much more essential. Thanks for sticking with me and reading, I really appreciate it.

So how is everyone’s weekend going? Mine has been busy with cleaning, visiting with ladies, and preparing for the upcoming week….4th of July anyone? Can’t believe it is already upon us.

Here’s some pictures of what’s been going down in Las Moras lately:


I bought yarn for the Nahuatl ladies. Here my friend Benita picks out some to make traditional woven bags. Can’t wait to take some down to the coast to sell for them during the Christmas season.



People have been coming often to visit at our house. We were gone traveling for almost an entire month, and it seems they missed us. πŸ™‚

I assume it will all continue as usual this week, with 40 hours of Nahuatl language study mixed in there, workouts, and a few fun posts planned for you guys, including a new recipe, and functional training post.

So…what’s on the menu this week:

Breakfast ideas

– Overnight oats

– Smoothies
Try this green goodness: 1 banana, 2 stalks celery, 2 kiwis, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, 1 1/2 cups liquid, 1 Tbsp. ground flax seed, about 3-4 cups greens (swiss chard, spinach, or kale would all be good) Blend and enjoy!

– Steel cuts oats (soaked overnight for quick morning heat up)

Lunch/Dinner Ideas

– Sprouted Wheat Berry salad w/ roasted veg

– Salmon cakes w/tahini slaw

– Basil and tomato frittata

– Quick stir fry w/ brown rice

– Veggie burgers + grilled potato wedges for the 4th!


– white bean & basil hummus

– protein bites (a version of these)

– homemade granola (this is Pete’s favorite snack)


It is now rainy season in the Mexican Sierra.


That means it rains. Everyday. Sometimes lots. We have had large hail twice already, and this makes cardio outdoors quite challenging. With muddy and soft ground running days can be few and sometimes far in between.


Look at what the hail did to my poor banana tree. (sad face)

Despite the weather I am still trying to get in 3 runs per week if possible. Needing a shower afterwards is an understatement. More for that mud than the sweat.

So, for the next few weeks I will be trying out some new upper body and lower body focus routines that include cardio intervals. They are similar to a circuit style workout. Also, as a challenge to myself to develop some new and exciting workouts that ANYONE can do at home, I’ll be incorporating a “functional” training day. On this day I’ll be doing a body weight only workout. Having a good arsenal of “body weight only” workouts is essential, especially if you travel a lot, as you can do them anywhere.


Oh…and how could I forget. There has been a little secret brewing going on over here. Can anyone guess what this is?

That’s all for now, have a fabulous Sunday, and lurk these links for some other workout and meal ideas!

– Move the coffee table and try this No NonSense Workout
– Or this one if you’ve got a few dumbbells lying around
– Simple Cold Soups for summer; yes please
– Wish we had strawberries. I would have madeΒ this already.
– A new twist on Potato Salad for the 4th?


What are you doing for the 4th of July? What is your favorite recipe to bring to a cookout?

Possible Hiatus from Blogging

In about an hour we begin the drive back into the mountains of Las Moras. We are going home!
Both Pete and I are so ready to be home, and ready to get back into the routine of ministry, doing life, and getting back into the swing or normal workouts and healthy eating.

However, as you know, when we left we had no internet connection. We will be attempting to fix the internet when we get back, but there is a chance it will not be able to be fixed with what we have access to out there. That being said, it is remotely possible that we will not be part of the world wide web until October!! So, if there are no new workouts, fun recipes, fitness tips, or any blog updates you know why.

We are praying for a quick repair, but know that sometimes things are just out of our control.

Please know that I will resume regular posting as soon as I possibly can, and until then check out some of my favorite fitness blogs listed under my favorite reads tab.

Have a wonderful summer, and I’ll be back in touch again as soon as I can!

Going Home + A New Workout

Tomorrow we begin our 20+ hour drive back home.

Things are packed, mail has been sent, phone calls have been made to family. Now we’re going home.


Home, ah…how I miss thee. The routine, my bed, cooking in my own kitchen, my Las Moras friends, and my gato…poor little chap has been holding down the fort since we left three weeks ago. Someone has been checking in on him every three days or so, but it’s nothing like the snuggles he’s used to.


Raise the roof!

It will be good to be home.

We’ve made some fun purchases for the next couple months though. I’m always up for trying new things, especially anything coconut. Ever seen this goodness before?


Pure coconut sap with a little honey, yes please! It’s really good on salad, but that’s the only way I’ve tried it so far. And of course some good dark chocolate for those rainy months out in the mountains.

Anyone tried any of these before?

Sometimes it’s hard buying supplies for four months at a time, and fun things just sneak into the cart. πŸ™‚ Ok, what was I actually going to talk about, oh yes…

Staying on track with your eats and workouts is hard when traveling. Your daily schedule is always different, you often don’t have access to equipment, or a gym, you’re tired after spending late nights with family or friends, and the list goes on. I know I’m feeling a little softer after being away from my weights and my kitchen, and I’m ready to get back at it and set some new fitness and diet goals for the coming months. What about you?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts I always carry my fitness journal with me when I travel. It’s full of some of my favorite body weight workouts and travel workouts that I can do anywhere. It has come in handy this trip and I’ve even had some time to create a few new circuit style workouts.

This past week we were attending a workshop on theories and analysis of language and communication from 9am to 5pm. Brain.on.overload.
Because of the schedule I committed to getting up early and getting in a workout every single morning. It gave me great energy throughout the day, even though the temperatures are above 100 degrees daily right now in Mexico.

So, I thought I’d share my favorite circuit workout from the week with you! I hope you’ll try it, and if you love it, write it down in your workout journal and take it with you next time you travel.

Heart Pumping Circuit


  • I did the squat thruster, weighted plie squat, and the weighted deadlift and row with a 10liter jug full of water. This was the only weight I had. If you have access to weights great, if not, use anything a laundry detergent bottle, a heavy duffle bag, just something that adds extra resistance.
  • Here are video links to some of the exercises you may not already be familiar with.
  • Skaters
  • Squat thrusters
  • Weight plie squat
  • Diamond pushups – with jack means after you push up, jump your feet out and then back in like a floor jumping jack
  • Supermans
  • Decline pushups
  • The side shuffle is a slide to the side moving both feet, like you are playing basketball, and touch the floor. Then side shuffle to the other side, and touch.

Let me know if you try it!

Questions: Do you workout when you travel? Why or why not? What type of exercise do you do while traveling?

Be Back Soon

So sorry for my lack of posting lately. I assure you it is not for a lack of ideas for posts, but other circumstances such as a loss of internet for two weeks, plus traveling, and being in conferences all day, complete with homework.

Right now my language learning/or not learning mind is being stretched beyond it’s ability, and I feel like I’m hanging by a thread. Five more days, and I’ll have my life back. πŸ™‚

Until then…please hang with me. I’ve been working out, so there are lots of new travel workouts to post, you can workout anywhere and with anything. Squats with a 3 gallon water bottle…you should try it some time.

So, I promise I’ll be back soon, and thanks for reading.