Possible Hiatus from Blogging

In about an hour we begin the drive back into the mountains of Las Moras. We are going home!
Both Pete and I are so ready to be home, and ready to get back into the routine of ministry, doing life, and getting back into the swing or normal workouts and healthy eating.

However, as you know, when we left we had no internet connection. We will be attempting to fix the internet when we get back, but there is a chance it will not be able to be fixed with what we have access to out there. That being said, it is remotely possible that we will not be part of the world wide web until October!! So, if there are no new workouts, fun recipes, fitness tips, or any blog updates you know why.

We are praying for a quick repair, but know that sometimes things are just out of our control.

Please know that I will resume regular posting as soon as I possibly can, and until then check out some of my favorite fitness blogs listed under my favorite reads tab.

Have a wonderful summer, and I’ll be back in touch again as soon as I can!

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