Fitness & Eats for the Week – 7/7

The 4th makes me think of burgers on the grill, my Mom’s fabulous Tuscan Potato Salad, corn on the cob, homemade baked beans, watching fireworks, and relaxing with family.
Hope your 4th of July weekend included memorable festivities and lots of yummy food.

Living in Mexico for the past 3 years has helped me appreciate those memories even more, and I know the next 4th of July that we get to spend in Wisconsin with our families will be just that much more special.

But I sure do miss me some fireworks!

Pete, my hubby, has been gone for the last few days. So it’s been a little chill around here.


There’s been some kitten snuggling…yes, he is sophisticated like that.


Admiring blooms…


And watching the clouds roll in every afternoon from my office window. Beautiful isn’t it?

Tomorrow is the start of another busy week. And here’s what’s going down in the fitness and eats department over at FitnessintheKitchen:

Meal ideas: 

Veggie burgers & grilled potato wedges – since the hubs left on an unexpected trip these never got made…and I’m still craving a good grilled summer meal

I cannot stop thinking about this Caprese Baked Pasta

Cold wild rice & spinach salad w/figs

Indian Carrot soup w/toasted pumpkin seeds and feta (recipe to come!)

Margarita Flatbread – Pete is bringing me fresh mozz!!

Homemade PESTO!
Check out this basil!  So green and fresh looking! Hello, rainy season.


And there will be some smoothies and salads appearing for lunch as mid-day is quite toasty.

Fitness – 

Monday – Upper body w/drop sets + cardio (run if it’s not raining)

Tuesday – HIIT! this workout looks fun

Wednesday – Sprints + “One Leg Only” workout (to come!)

Thursday –  Pumped up Pushups Workout + HIIT

Friday- Cardio + Legs w/drop sets & plyo

Saturday – Bodyweight circuit

Sunday – rest day

What are you cooking up this week? Have you created any fun and easy summer recipes that you know you’ll make again? What’s on your fitness plan?

Happy Sunday!

~ Liesl

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