Fitness & Eats for the Week – 7/14

Happy Sunday to everyone! Hope your weekend has been stellar so far.

We had a little 12th of July get together over here on Friday night. Our plans to grill out were short lived considering it poured rain, but we enjoyed celebrating the U.S. together none the less. Can’t beat an indoor grill out with some Lie to Me watching. We are party animals.



Today is Sunday. I love this day. I look forward to it all week. The hubby and I linger over pancakes and french press coffee, I spend the afternoon doing blog research, recipe creation, and sometimes fun reading.  Then in the evening our co-workers Rachel and Katie come over for some Jesus time! It is seriously great.


Baking…yep, recipes are a comin’.

So, what’s on the eats and fitness menu over here:

Meal Ideas –  let’s see…what’s in the pantry?

– Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, & basil=Margarita Flatbread!

– Vegetarian Stir Fry w/pineapple

– Creamy potato soup w/ fresh chives and cheddar

– I have Swiss Chard coming out my ears, so I’m thinking maybe some  Curry Chicken Salad wraps or Fresh Veggie Wraps w/peanut sauce

– Taco Salads w/black beans

– Tabbouli – seriously craving this for some reason

Fitness – 

Monday – SPRINTS! + Isolation Leg Workout

Tuesday – Upper Body Drop sets + HIIT

Wednesday – Run + Core Burner

Thursday –  Lean Legs w/weights + HIIT

Friday- Easy run + Upper Body w/ Combo Moves

Saturday – Bodyweight circuit + Core

Sunday – yoga

Here are some blogs I’m really digging right now, if you have time check them out!

Lindsay and Bjork at Pinch of  Yum are fun writers, and post delicious and creative recipes
European Honeymoon pics…I so want to go.
Been bookmarking recipes here like no one’s business
This little lady walks with Jesus. Look no further for some true inspiration.
My parsley is super out of control  lush right now…and this soup looks fantastic

What’s in your pantry and fridge this week? What kind of recipes are you interested in seeing here on Fitnessinthekitchen?

Have a great day!

~ Liesl

4 thoughts on “Fitness & Eats for the Week – 7/14

    • It really depends. I try to get a run in every other day…sometimes it’s intervals and sometimes I just run. But, often I do 15 or 20 minute high intensity intervals during the days I weight train as well, it just depends on how I’m feeling.

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