Isolation Inferno Leg Workout

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday, and hope your week is off to a great start.

Our garden is looking amazing…thanks to all the rain. We got a late start on planting (last part of June) because of traveling, but I’m so excited for fresh zucchini, sweet corn, beans, cucumber, edamame, winter squash, pumpkins, and more swiss chard.


Yesterday I did a great leg workout concentrating on the isolation of one leg and then the other. Often when I’m doing leg exercises such as squats or deadlifts that work both legs at the same time I can feel the imbalance of one leg working harder than the other. One way to combat this is to work your legs in isolation.

This workout does just that, and I really enjoyed the change up from my usual leg routines.
So…what are you waiting for?!
(Descriptions of the moves are below the workout poster)

Inferno Isolation Leg Workout

Weighted split squats – 



One leg wall sit

One leg Burpee

Weighted Step Up – holding a dumbbell in each hand

Step up (start left)

Pistol Squats

Isolation Jump Lunges – get in your lunge position and push up in the air for the jump landing back down in the same position. Complete all the jumps on the same leg before switching.

Backwards lunge left

Lateral lunge w/ weight

One Leg Bridges 

One Leg Jump Rope – jump rope on just your right leg for 30 seconds, then immediately switch to your left for 30 seconds.

This workout is tough, but feel free to modify the number of sets or complete the exercises with just your bodyweight.
* If you are and advanced exerciser and looking for an extra challenge add the Cardio Blast after every two rounds of each mini circuit…this means you’ll be doing double the amount of heart-pumping cardio and burning more fat! 

Hope you try it, and I’d love to hear if you liked it or not.

Have you ever tried isolation training before? What are you favorite isolation exercises? 


~ Liesl

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