Wednesday Words – 10 Great Reads

Hey guys!

I had an awesome workout to post for you all today, but haven’t had time to take the pictures to show you how to do the moves…so it will be up Friday!

High Side plank

So today, I thought I’d share 10 links that I love! Happy reading!

FIT TIP – How to save 900 calories a week

COOL DOWN – Chocolate & Almond, yes please!

TAKE THE NEXT STEP – Should I start Strength training?

GET FIT – Try this workout…while you are waiting for mine of course 🙂

GO RAW – these recipes look delicious for a hot summer day

FERMENT – I’ve been making this at home since May, and it is SO EASY, healthy, and delicious

BE A PART – Loving this couple’s heart for Jesus, and their journey to training Christian leaders in Romania

SHOES – I always wear chacos…but there is no reason why you can’t build a cute shoe wardrobe on the cheap

SPECIAL OCCASION – I can’t wait to have a reason to make this

BURN BABY BURN – Legs day? Burn up those hamstrings & quads

Have a great Wednesday, and see you Friday with a workout!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Words – 10 Great Reads

    • Thanks Paige! I love your blog, you always have great content and I can tell you truly care about the people you are training. I read everyday. 🙂 I’m new at this blog thing, and have alot of other stuff on my plate so it’s just kind of a hobby, and outlet for a passion I love. I do hope you’ll come back on Friday for the workout. I have alot of readers that are just starting out on their exercise journey so it’s nothing to cray cray, but I did it with a friend yesterday and enjoyed it. 🙂 Best to you.

    • I ordered it online from Amazon. I forget the company name, but you can research them. Mine is at the point now where it grows a new scoby every batch! It’s pretty awesome.

    • Your welcome! And chacos are super comfy, but totally not fashionable, unless you live in REI clothes, which I do not. 🙂 I don’t know you, but know Rosanna from way back, and I’m enjoying your blog!

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