Weekly Eats & Fitness – 8/3

SO how was your week?

Mine flew by…seriously, it felt like it went SO fast, and now the weekend is doing the same thing. AH! Better enjoy it while I can and get off the computer.
This week I spent a ton of time with friends in the village. There is government work available for the people right now building long, stick walls to prevent erosion where they are planning to plant some new trees. Pete and I hiked up and into the area on Tuesday to help two younger couples with their families “lot” of the work.

Work day with Ben and MarialenaWork day with Ben and Marialena 2

Otherwise there’s been a lot of the same things happening. LOTS of studying, and speaking of my 3rd language plus some language analysis…which is not my “forte.” Thank goodness I have some pretty smart co-workers! 🙂

Team Old

Can you believe it’s August already! Wow.
We have a little beach vacay break/supply buying trip planned for October, so the months of August and September are dedicated towards cleaning up my diet.

BeachRadley beach

I’m pretty sure the pooch is excited about the beach too…he hasn’t told me, it’s just and educated guess. 😉

I already eat pretty healthy, but it never hurts to reign in a few things like sugar for a few months to feel my best for the sand and sun!
This is the plan:

NO refined sugar – only stevia or raw honey in small doses + natural sugar from fruit
Snacking – not quitting, just smart snacking (fat+protein+carbs)
H2O – trying to drink an extra 20oz per day
(In September I may try some carb cycling, just to see how it goes, but more on that later.)
**These are personal diet decisions. I am not saying one way of eating is more right than another. We all need to discover what works for each of us individually. 

With that said, anyone want to join me?

Okay, now let’s see what’s on the EATS & FITNESS menu over here @ Fitnessinthekitchen:


Meal Ideas:
Black Quinoa Patties w/ Pumpkin Sage Cashew Cream

Bean Sprout Pasta w/ Chicken Sausage

Green Curry w/ summer squash & brown rice

Millet Cheddar Egg Bake

Channa Masala (haven’t made this in 4EVER and it just sounds amazing)

Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes

The usuals  will be present for breakfast and lunch. I’ve been sprouting the last week or two and loving those alfalfa and radish sprouts with tuna for lunch, and been enjoying lots of hot and cold oats for breakfast with a fruit smoothie thrown in here and there.


Sunday – Light leg day

Monday – Run day (HIIT) + Plank it Out Workout (coming – post this week!)

Tuesday – Sweaty Bodyweight Workout

Wednesday – Get Outside & Move Run + Upper Body

Thursday – Leg day (working on a new workout)

Friday – Run day (steady) + Plank it Out Workout

Saturday – this quick workout or Rest Day

Sunday – yoga

What’s on the menu at your place this week? What type of workouts are you enjoying lately? 

** Challenge – try something new this week. Take advantage of the summer season and try a “new to you” veggie or fruit at the market, or push yourself to try out a new workout, or even a new exercise move. Not only will you be expanding your food and fitness horizons, but you’ll be breaking out of a rut and discovering things about yourself that you may never have discovered if you didn’t step out of your comfort zone.

Have an awesome week!!!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Eats & Fitness – 8/3

  1. Love your blog! I see we have a lot in common…working out at home and trying our best to eat healthy 🙂 I love trying new workout moves or new foods…my newest food is turmeric. I like to add it to salad dressings for a little punch of healthy flavor.

    • Thanks Jennifer, so glad you are liking the blog. I enjoy writing it. Fitness and healthy eating is a passion of mine, but not a career choice because other things came first. But, I’m enjoying writing it when I have time, and sharing what I’ve experienced, and the new things I’m trying out with others. Thanks for reading!

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