Weekly Eats & Fitness – 8/11

Hey all! How was your week/weekend?

I started out strong, but by Thursday morning I was bushed. Not sure why. I think I need a vacation. 🙂 Still got all my workouts in though…rock on.

So we decided to take Friday night and just chill, the hubs and I. He’d be so proud that used proper English there…I think.  He made me garlic pasta, swoon, we watched a movie…


and a few squares of this may have made an appearance. It was a good night.

Saturday morning I took the first ride back to the clean eating train…gotta stay on track. Eyes on the prize.


Oh and I almost forgot,  a veggie truck came into town this week! Here this is a BIG deal. Yes, it is a little like Christmas, especially when you’ve been rationing zucchinis because they are the last fresh thing in crisper. So, I walked down to the creek, crossed and climbed the hill, bought a little around 33lbs of veggies and fruit, and fresh cheese. Then I carried it, yes, on my shoulder down the hill across the creek, and across the field to our house. Yep, it’s like a trip to TJs…only cheaper and without the cart. But seriously, $25.00 for 33lbs of fresh food; Mexico I love you.  And check out these mangos!


It feels good to have fresh food again, and my body loves it!

Here’s what is on the menu this week over here @Fitnessinthekitchen:

Meal Ideas:

Black bean & Quinoa Spring Rolls
Greek Caprese Wheatberry Salad
Chicken Sausage & Summer Succotash
Salmon Chowder
Lentil Meatballs w/Tzatsiki
Hummus & Veg Sandwiches

Also, mixing up the breakfast routine a little with some:
Breakfast quinoa cereal
Overnight baked eggs

Tentative Fitness Plan:

Monday – Run (HIIT) + Isolation Inferno Legs
Tuesday – Pyramid Full Body Workout
Wednesday – Run (steady) + Core Circuit
Thursday – Leg day
Friday – Run (tempo) + Upper Body HIIT
Saturday – Tabata Worout
Sunday – YOGA

What do you have going on this week? Are you planning to try a new workout or recipe? Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading , and have a fabulous Sunday!!


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