Weekly Eats & Fitness – 8/18

Hey friends!

It has been a scorcher of a weekend here in Las Moras. We’ve been in the 90s, and my afternoon cup of joe has turned into a blended iced coffee habit. Not that it’s a bad thing.

The thought of turning the oven on is not appealing, so it’s been cold salads and stove top meals in this casita. However, this afternoon Pete decided to fire up the grill to roast some coffee beans so I took full advantage and asked him to grill some squashes from our garden and sweet potatoes. It was a yummy summer lunch!

Also this week I made some cold-brew coffee for long afternoons of studying.


I know my plastic pitcher is so 2013. Not.


We recently moved all of our workout equipment to our spare bedroom upstairs. I’m kind of thinking it may have been wiser to wait until late fall to do that…but it does look fun doesn’t it?!
Pete said the door looks ghetto…I beg to differ. Just needs a little paint. 🙂


Pete put up our pull up bar, which has been awesome, and I’ve been doing some workouts up there, and some downstairs when my friend Rachel comes over to workout. Either way, with the humidity of rainy season, it’s a sweat fest. 🙂

Well, let’s get to the eats shall we?
Here’s what’s on the food and fitness menu this week:

Meal Ideas:


Marinated Summer Veggie & Quinoa Salad

Chicken Tostadas w/ carmelized Onions

Lentil Quinoa Spring Rolls w/almond butter sauce

Pumpkin Black Bean Burgers

Enchilada Brown Rice Bake w/homemade enchi sauce

Japanese Cabbage & Chive Cakes (inspired by this recipe)

Other things I’ll be making as lunch/breakfast staples:

 Homemade yogurt with Granola

“Pan” Breads

Alfalfa Sprouts

Protein Granola Bars

Tentative Fitness Plan:

Monday – HIIT (run) + Upper Body HIIT

Tuesday-  Cardio + Strength Home Circuit

Wednesday – Run (negative splits) + Core

Thursday- Legs Day

Friday- Run (steady 4 miles) + Better Backside HIIT

Saturday- Sweaty Bodyweight Circuit

Sunday- yoga + walk

Just so you all know, my fitness plan is very tentative. Because my schedule is changing constantly with life out here in the mountains I have to change things up often. And sometimes, I’m just exhausted…and I’m learning as I get older to listen to my body. And if my body wants a rest day, then I give it a rest day…make sense?

P.S. I highly recommend rest days. 🙂 Just sayin’

Your turn: What is on your meal plan this week? Where do you go for recipe inspiration, cookbooks, online, friends?

Alright, time to go do some floor cleaning upstairs…give me a woot!

Enjoy the last day of your weekend!


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