15 Minute Workout + Fall Recipe Round-up

I love that feeling when I complete a long, tough workout. Like finishing a running speed session, or pushing through a plyometric HIIT workout. There’s that “high” of hard work. Effort spent, fitness gained.


However, I know as well as anyone that sometimes there just isn’t time to get in a 60 minute, sweat your heart out, give it all you got type of workout. Family needs us, responsibility calls, we stay at work late or go in early, and sometimes we are just plain exhausted.

The fact is we shouldn’t be doing crazy body busting workouts like that everyday anyway. Let me just say BURN OUT…and PLATEAU. Just like our body craves variety in the food we feed it, it’s the same with exercise. Our body craves a variety of workouts, and when we mix things up in our fitness routine our body responds which means, it keeps burning fat and building muscle. When we are doing the same killer 60 minute treadmill run 6 days a week our body adjusts, it gets comfortable and no matter how hard we try we hit a plateau with our muscle building and fat burning which in turn  = frustration.

Even on the busiest of days, I can convince myself to workout for at least 15 minutes. And every time when I finish I’m glad I choose to workout. I feel good, have more energy, and my day is more productive.

'Wow, I really regret that workout.' Said no one ever.


With that in mind, I created a fun 15 minute circuit for next time you are tempted to skip your workout. It targets the lower body and abdominals, and will leave you feeling accomplished. So, convince yourself to move for 15 minutes; you won’t regret it!

15 Minute Legs + Abs

Sweat-fest for sure.

On a more food related note, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for fall food.

So…I thought it would be fun to do a  Fall Recipe Round up, in case you needed some inspiration! 🙂

I went to all my favorite blogs and browsed the fall recipes, and picked these ones out as favorites!

Raw, Salted Caramel Apple DipMy New Roots

Poblano Cornbread StuffingLove & Lemons

Roasted Winter Squash Salad101 Cookbooks

Cinnamon Bun GranolaOh She Glows

Smoky Maple Lentil SaladKathEats

Hearty Apple LoafSprouted Kitchen

Spicy Black Bean Chicken Enchiladas w/ Pumpkin CreamAmbitious Kitchen

Pumpkin Doughnut MuffinsThe Vanilla Bean Blog

Sweet Potato & Spinach FrittataEdiblePerspective

And a few of my own:

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Coconut Protein Muffins

Sweet & Spicy Carrot Soup

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Coffeecake

Stock Photo titled: Mixed Gourds And Pumpkins - Fall Harvest, unlicensed use prohibitedSource 

Yummy fall bounty.

Your turn:
How do you convince yourself to workout when you “don’t feel like it?”
I remind myself of how I know that I will feel when I’m done. And the promise of a shorter workout always gets me to the gym.
Which one of these tempting fall dishes are you going to make?
I’m loving the sound of both the Poblano Stuffing, and Smoky Lentil Salad…yummo!

Cheers to a great rest of your week!


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