Fitness & Eats – 9.30

Hey everyone! How’s your Sunday afternoon treating you?

I’m posting my weekly eats a little later this weekend as we just got back from sharing El Dia de San Miguel (Saint Michael’s day) with some friends in a nearby village about a 45 minute walk one way. It was a nice time of chatting, practicing the language we are learning, and sharing in the customary food of the day, atole and corn tortillas.

Atole is a hot drink made with water, flour, and sugar. They mix the flour in by hand (seriously…their hand is the spoon) while the water is still room temperature and then cook it over an open fire. While it is cooking they add the sugar. Sometimes instead of white sugar they use something called piloncillo, which is sort of like a brick of brown sugar. And if the family is financially able to afford it they add milk and cinnamon. It is very good, a little sweet, and thick. If it was grainy it would remind me of cream of wheat or a hot cereal.




So, we shared in the meal, chatted and walked home. It was a nice Sunday morning.

This weekend I was thinking about meal planning and was completely uninspired. While cooking is something that I truly enjoy doing, sometimes my energy wanes and I put on my lazy pants. It’s a good thing I’m married and I know I have my man to feed…it would be scary to see what I would eat as a single gal. 🙂

Anyways, here are my uninspired eats for the week, and my fitness ideas, I’m hoping they will inspire some of you!

Meal Ideas:
Minestrone Soup  & Millet bread
Spicy Edamame Slaw & Roasted Salmon
Zucchini Quinoa Burgers
Herbed White Beans & Tuna
Pizza – we have friends flying in to see us Friday night, it should be a BIG partay! Can’t wait!!

Tentative Fitness Plan: 
Monday – Run (if it’s not raining…it’s still been pouring regularly out here) + 15 Minute Workout
Tuesday – Legs Day – workout undecided
Wednesday – Run (HIIT) + Upper Body Circuit
Thursday – Beach Shape Up Workout #2 (post comin’) 🙂
Friday – Run (steady) + 10 Minute Plank Workout
Saturday – Cardio + Strength Workout
Sunday – Yoga

It is now less than two weeks until we head down the mountain on our little beach vacay…and I am so ready! But, still two more weeks to eat healthy, exercise hard, and make the next two weeks great!

So, what’s your plan this week? What are you eating? Are you trying a new workout, if so what?
Tell me about it, I love hearing from you!


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