Eats & Fitness – 10.6

Hey friends! How’s your weekend going?

Our’s started out with a bang when some lovely friends flew into our little pueblo on Friday morning to spend a full day and evening with us. Homemade pizza was devoured, strong coffee drank, and sweet, sweet fellowship had. It was such a refreshing day for us. The only sad part…I totally forgot to snap even one picture. šŸ˜¦ Oh well.

Yesterday and today have been spent cleaning the casa from top to bottom as we have family arriving this week.


The guest room is all ready!

Tuesday my in-laws come into town, and after a few days spent in the mountains together we will all head towards the coast for a relaxing week of sun and seafood on the beach! I CAN.NOT.WAIT.

All that to say, we will be getting groceries this week. Fresh food!! I haven’t seen a spinach leaf in 3 months, and I’ve missed them so. However, we did grow some IMPRESSIVE hybrid zucchini/butternut squashes…and just in case you doubted how mature we are…






With that in mind, I hope to make some yummy food for the fam, and we hope to get some use out of our grill as it doesn’t look like there’s too much rain in the forecast.

Also, I’ve been doing some baking…which will probably be making an appearance this week on the bloggy.


Family visit = excuse to do some seasonal baking! It’s gonna be yummy!

Okay, so here’s what’s cooking this week:

Meal Ideas:


White Chicken Chili w/Millet bread
Veggie & Margherita Pizzas
Grilled chicken tacos w/ pico de gallo
Grilled Hamburgers w/sweet potato rounds
…and we’ll be finishing some leftovers before the fam arrives.

Tentative Fitness Schedule:


Monday – Run (w/sprints) + Upper Body Strength Circuit
Tuesday – HEAVY Legs day w/plyo
Wednesday – Run (HIIT intervals)
Thursday – Total Body Circuit
Friday – Run (steady) + 10 Minute Plank Workout
Saturday – rest day (traveling to the BEACH!!)
Sunday – Get Out & Move Workout (on the beach!! woot!)

So…what’s going on in your home this week? Any fun plans, or recipes to share?

Also, have you tried the 20 Minute Interval Challenge workout yet? Just 20 minutes…a calorie burnin’ good time! šŸ™‚

Have an amazing week!


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