Ocean View + Link-ables

We’ve been having a great time here in paradise. 🙂

Our time on the beach has been filled with good food, warm sun, cold coffee, loads of walking, and great memories. Here are some pics of the highlights so far:









Also, if you are looking for some great stuff to read this week, here are some good reads that I’ve enjoyed recently:

REAL FOOD – What is it?  Kath has an amazing series about it here.

FALL BRUNCH – If I was going to make one, this recipe would probably be part of it.

HEALTHY HABITS – I’ve been incorporating hot water w/lemon two mornings a week in place of coffee…maybe I should do more

RECIPE RADAR – I LOVE peanut noodles, and these look like they would not disappoint.

GYM FEAR – One of the biggest reasons why people won’t start a healthy habit…but is it really a big deal?

WEIGHT LOSS – 10 good tips

PROTEIN BARS – What kind do you buy…and is it best choice? 

GOALS – How to set realistic goals and reach them…check it out here.

WORK IT – This arms + abs workout looks like a fun one.

FRESH – This salad looks so yum…I just want to make it NOW.

SALADS – Speaking of salads, I’m  making this one again this week…it’s that good.

Hope you are having a great week, and check back this weekend for a yummy travel snack recipe.


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