To A Healthy Holiday Season

It’s November…the true start to the holiday season, and I’m excited for all the new traditions that we will start here in our home in Las Moras.

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are my two favorite holidays by far because they hold SO many memories of family. This will be our first Christmas, just Pete & I here in Las Moras. I know it will be different, but a fun kind of different. While I will miss all my Mom’s yummy food, the smell of a real fresh Christmas tree, lights, sitting by the fireplace with a cup of tea and all those things that I associate with the holidays; I plan to make some new traditions of our own, so stay tuned for some yummy holiday recipe creations, and of course exercise tips along the way.


With the holiday season upon us our schedules are quickly filling up with parties, and family gatherings. So, why not choose to make your healthy habits even more of a priority during the holidays! Let’s make this November a month to remember, and truly knock it out of the park when it comes to our workouts and healthy eats…so, who’s with me? 

Here a few tips that may help you make the most of all the festivities and still help you fit in your jeans after New Years:

  • Schedule your workouts  – we schedule everything else from work deadlines, vacations, dates, and holiday parties. Make sure to pen your workouts into your weekly planner and set reminders for yourself. Schedule a time to workout and stick to it. If it gets difficult, schedule a group exercise class, or run with a friend. The accountability will get you out the door.
  • Here are some fun & quick workouts to try: My 5 Favorite Home Workouts + Bonus a Quick 20 minute Interval workout


  • Enjoy each holiday (on that day) – On Thanksgiving enjoy a piece of your favorite pie, or some gravy on your turkey if that’s what you love. And what is your favorite Christmas cookie? I know I have a few. Enjoy one or two on Christmas Day/Eve with a cup of tea. But when the holiday is over try to stick to your healthy eating habits.
  • Parties – Socialize. Chatting it up with anyone and everyone is your best line of defense against the treat table. When you go to fill your plate with food stick to 3/4 veggies & fruit, leaving room for just one small treat. Also don’t drink your calories. Grab a cup of coffee, spiced tea, or sparkling water with lime.
  • Get sleep – The holiday season is busy, and often our sleep suffers. Try your best to get 8 hours of shut eye every evening, because when we are tired our food cravings get out of control and it’s hard to take just one when the Christmas cookie tray gets passed around.


In the spirit of starting out the holiday season merry & light…haha…I’d love to share with you my newest workout. It is called the “No Excuses” November workout, and I’ll be posting it tomorrow!! So come back and prepare for some exciting new motivation to get your sweat on this holiday season!!

Happy Weekend!



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