“No Excuses” November Workout

Are you ready for some November workout motivation?!

I know I’m excited about adding some new training to my usual schedule and I can’t think of a better way to ring in the holiday season than motivating each other towards finishing out 2013 our healthiest!

This No Excuses November workout is a 3 part workout and I guarantee you’ll be sweaty mess by the end.

It will only take you 35 minutes to complete the entire workout!  You’ll do the warm-up circuit (5 exercises for 1 minute each 2xs) equaling 10 minutes, move on to the Strength Circuit (5 exercises for 10 reps each) done as many times through as you can in 15 minutes, and last move on to the HIIT Blast Circuit (3 exercises/ 2 hiit exercises for 30 seconds each with a recovery exercise 1 min – x5) equaling your last 10 minutes. Make sense? Keep reading for more explanation.

Well…let’s get this party started!!

No Excuses November Workout 2013

WARM UP: (each exercise done for 1 min, repeat circuit twice through)

Jump rope feet together at a quick pace

Fast squats – squats as fast as you can with good form.

Plank tuck + jack – In high plank, jump your feet in towards your hands in a tucked position and quickly jump back out to plank. Immediately following jump your feet out to a plank jack position and back in. Keep going at a quick pace.


Towel hop overs – Place a rolled up towel on the floor and jump, feet together laterally from side to side over the towel.


Mountain climbers (5) + pushup – Complete 5 mountain climbers and then perform a pushup. Move as quickly as possible from each move to the next.


STRENGTH CIRCUIT: (each exercise complete 10 reps and move to the next. See how many circuits you can do in 15 minutes)

Squat + hammer curl + shoulder press – Holding two dumbbells at your sides squat down with your booty back and chest up…you should be able to wiggle your toes at your lowest point. Push back up to standing, and curl the dumbbells in a hammer curl and press them overhead. Slowly lower and curl down. This is one rep.


Stability ball pushup & pike – With your shins on a stability ball and hands on the floor perform a pushup lowering yourself until your chest is just inches from the floor. Push up to the start and keeping your legs straight engage your abs to roll the ball towards your hands booty in the air as your body bends into a pike position. Slowly lower back to start. This is one rep.
Beginners – try this one on the floor. Perform your pushup and then jump your feet towards your hands into a pike position and jump back out to start. Once your body becomes comfortable with the positions try it on the ball.


Skullcrushers + glute bridge – Lying on your back on the floor bend your knees and bring your feet close to your glutes keeping them flat on the floor. Holding a dumbbell in each hand press them overhead, palms facing each other. Without moving your upper arm lower the weights along side your ears and engage your triceps to bring the weights back to start. Once the weights are overhead, press through your heels into a glute bridge hold for a second or two and then lower. This is one rep.


Plie squat + upright row – Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width and toes turned out hold two dumbbells in front of your palms facing you. Keeping your back straight and pushing your hips back lower into a plie squat, push back up to start and leading with your elbows lift the weights in an upright row to your chest level, lower. This is one rep.


*Creeper face; optional.

Lying chest press + leg raise/lower – Lie on your back, legs straight up in air, holding two dumbbells straight up in the air as well. Slowly lower the dumbbells to your chest pushing your elbows out, at the same time lower your legs until your heels are just above the floor. Push the weights straight up overhead and simultaneously lift you legs back to the start.



Burpees – From a stand squat down placing your hands on the floor by your feet. Quickly jump your feet back to pushup position and back in towards your hands and jump with energy straight up into the air. Check here for burpee progressions.

Mountain Climber jumps – In pushup position jump your right foot out to the right side bending your knee so your foot lands even with your right hand, your left leg extended behind you. Upon landing immediately jump to the left side.


Jog – This is your recovery, so jog at a good pace, allowing your heart rate to recover a bit, but staying active to challenge your body.

** As always, check with your doc before beginning any new exercise routine. And modify the moves as you go if they are too difficult at first. You’ll be surprised at how much your strength will improve over several weeks.

**Try this workout 3xs per week on non consecutive days. Fill in your extra days with some cardio; a run outside, group exercise class, a hike or brisk walk. Let’s work for a happy and healthy holiday, together!

Hope you enjoy the workout!


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