Fridays-giving via Instagram

Here’s a little look at our Thanksgiving on a Friday festivities in the mountains of Mexico!

Why Friday…well holidays are just more flexible out here. 🙂  The day started with setting up and cleaning our village clinic for a dental clinic that begins Monday. image Loading all the supplies into the truck. That’s my hard working hubby and co-worker, Rachel.

image image

Organizing the medical items in the clinic so we can remember where everything goes when we clean up after the dental clinic.image image

My cute man putting together the dental chair. Good thing some of us know what we are doing. 🙂


We finished the night off with a humble Thanksgiving feast. It was memorable.

I made some butternut squash (transported all the way from New Mexico) and real cranberry sauce. You taught me well Mom. 🙂

Rachel and Katie made stuffing, and pie, and we all enjoyed every bit.



Oh…and I can’t forget the whip cream on the coffee..MMmm!


Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving as well, filled with great family memories, and good food.

Blessings for the weekend!


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