Staying Fit While Traveling

We are all in the thick of holiday season. Christmas lights on every corner, and if you live where any of the recent snow has fallen there is no need to dream of a white Christmas.


While the Christmas season is full of beauty, making new and enjoying old traditions, and remembering the reason for the season; Christ’s birth, it can also be a stressful time. Rushing to find the perfect gift, trimming the Christmas tree, and making room in our schedules for all those holiday parties, and then travel to visit family and friends. On top of all that we struggle to maintain our normal routines, healthy eating, and fitness. What a challenge! There is a reason people battle weight gain each holiday season.

Stress+travel+eats that are EXTREMELY hard to refuse = unwanted weight gain, and a bummer of a start to the New Year.

During travel, either for the holidays or any time of year I like to keep up my fitness routine, even if it is not as intense as it normal would be. I feel better, have more energy, and don’t have to keep “starting over” when I get home.

Here are some of my favorite strategies and tips for staying fit no matter where your life takes you:

1.) Plan your workouts, and pack them –
Just as you would plan your outfits and pack them, plan a few quick workouts to do on your vacation. (Ideally bodyweight workouts, no equip required) Write them down in a small notebook and pack it with your other things. If you have workouts planned, you will know what to do, “get ‘er done” and get back to the festivities.


2.) Challenge yourself to workout every other day for at least 30 minutes
Personal challenges can help keep you on track, in a good mood, and often encourage others. Share your challenge with a family member or friend and keep each other accountable.


3.) Workout in the morning –
I am a morning person. Yes, I realize some of you are not, and that is okay…but, can I challenge you to try working out in the morning while you are traveling. Not only will you feel completely energized for your day, but if you workout in the morning you will be done for the day and won’t struggle to find another time to fit in your workout.


4.) Pack your tennis shoes –
To me this a deal breaker, if I don’t have my tennis shoes I’m not going to workout. I know I can do yoga barefoot, so I still have no excuse, but I love my plyometrics, running, and strength workouts too much to just do yoga everyday. So, if you remember to pack your shoes every time you see them you’ll be reminded to get moving. Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk.


5.) Investigate your options –
If you feel like you need a gym, do a search for nearby gyms to where you are traveling and investigate weekly or daily passes. Or search for local trails, and parks within walking distance of where you are staying that would make ideal workout spots. A basketball court, or open field is great for circuit workouts. 🙂

Use this site to locate gyms & fitness centers in your area by using your city, state, and zip code.

6.) Just do it –
If you are prepared, the rest is on you. Get out there, move, and work it. Not only will exercising during the holidays encourage you to make healthier diet choices, but it will also boost your mood, and energy…which all of us need a little more of during the holidays.


Now you have no excuses. 😉 Need accountability? Send me an email at and I’d be glad to check it with you everyday and see how you are doing.

Also, stay tuned for posts on my favorite pack-able exercise equipment, and a travel workout you can do literally anywhere.

Okay…it’s off to do some Christmas decorating here in Mazatlan with my friendTeresa…and there may be a batch of egg-less eggnog in my future as well.


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