Meals & Fitness – 12.15

Hey! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far.

We just got back home Friday night from a week on the coast. Yesterday was spent decorating the Christmas tree, and holiday-ifying the casa.


Now, it’s time to get down to meal planning and prepping for the week.

While our time in Mazatlan was relaxing, there was loads of supply buying and just plain running around. I enjoyed beyond my fair share of grilled meat (not my usual diet staple) and little treats here and there as we toured the coffee shop/ new & trendy restaurant scene in Mazatlan.



All that to say, my body is ready for some salads, and vegetarian proteins. Quinoa, lentils, hemp seed…you always knew I’d come back.

Here’s what is on the menu:

Creamy Roasted Asparagus Soup
Stuffed Poblano Peppers
Warm Winter Wheatberry Salad
Papaya Quinoa Salad (benefits of living in Mexico…tropical fruit anytime) 🙂
Weeknight Bean Tostadas

My fitness routine has been a bit scattered as of late. Having five house guests for four days and then traveling for a week will do that.
While in Mazatlan I made a few trips to the local gym and also went for a few runs…can’t beat running in the ocean breeze. But, I honestly can say I missed working out at home. So I’m excited to get back in the groove this week.

Tentative Workout Plan:

Monday: HIIT + Arms Circuit
Tuesday: Run + sprints
Wednesday: Total Body Workout + HIIT
Thursday: Run steady
Friday: off, rest
Saturday: Legs day
Sunday: Run HIIT + Upper Body

So…I know it’s the holiday season, but how are you doing with your workouts? Has it been tough? Remember planning is key. So sit down this afternoon for 10 minutes and plan your workouts. You’ll be glad you did.
This week I’m posting my favorite pack-able workout gear, and a travel workout, so stay tuned.

Have a great week!


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