Pack-able Workout Gear

When I travel I try my best to stick with some sort of fitness routine. Why? So, I don’t have to start at square one when I get home, and because working out gives me energy and boosts my mood…and who doesn’t need a mood boost with the stress that holiday travel brings.

While I totally believe that bodyweight workouts are the way to go while on the road, I also have some favorite “pack-able” workout gear that make working out while traveling more fun, and encourage a more efficient workout.

Here are some of the items that make the cut when it comes to packing the necessities:

1.) Interval Timer –
This may possibly be my absolute favorite piece of workout equipment. It is tiny, and light weight, and so SUPER packable. I have the Gymboss interval timer and use it almost daily to get awesome workouts at home. It is awesome for circuit, tabata, and HIIT workouts. Plus you can use it while doing cardio, such as running, to incorporate intervals or make your cardio workout a HIIT workout. This should be on any fitness loving gals Christmas list.


2.) Resistance Bands –
While I don’t always take my resistance bands with me, when I do I’ve gotten in some great strength workouts while on the road. I have Black Mountain resistance bands that I bought on Amazon. They are decent quality, and you can use them to do a myriad of different exercises, from shoulder presses, to curls, rows, etc.


If your resistance bands are collecting dusting here is a fun workout to try with them.

3.) Yoga mat –
I use my yoga mat every single day. I just have a cheap one, mostly because I choose to do burpees and other such exercises on it. Believe me, you would too if you had concrete floors in your house. 🙂
While the yoga mat is the biggest item that I pack to travel, it makes working out in any situation more comfortable and gives you the ability to do just about any bodyweight exercise.


Both Marshals and TJ Maxx are great places to find affordable yoga mats.

4.) Stability Ball –
A stability ball might be my second favorite piece of workout equipment. They are so versatile, and can be used for working any muscle group in the body. You can also use a stability ball as a bench while lifting weights. Truly stellar.


To pack my stability ball I deflate it, fold it, and pack it with the pump so that I can inflate it when I arrive at my destination. Everyone who works out at home should invest in a stability ball.

Check any sporting goods store, or at Target to purchase a stability ball and make sure to read the box as they come in different sizes depending on your height.

5.) Good shoes –
I cannot stress this one enough. If you are going to commit to a personal fitness routine you need to invest in a good pair of tennis shoes. While shoes from TJ Maxx might be cheap, you aren’t going to be motivated to workout if you get blisters on your feet every time you do. Get online and do some research based on the width or your foot, and your arch height.
I have a short, wide foot with medium arches and I like both Saucony and Brooks for shoes. However, I have heard great things about Reeboks’ products as well. Trust me, good shoes are an investment in your health.


Now that you have the shoes, pack them. Get in the habit of putting them into your bag first thing. If you pack your shoes you have no excuse NOT to workout. As you can see my Saucony Kinavaras are well loved.

What are you packing for workouts during your holiday travels? How do you motivate yourself to workout while on the road?


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