Fitness & Eats – 12.22

It’s Christmas week! image

Around the world people are gathering with family and friends to celebrate love for one another, and the greatest demonstration of love that history has ever known. God sending His Son to earth as a baby so that we could know Him in intimate relationship. Best birthday ever!

Christmas week will be a relatively quiet celebration out here in Las Moras, just Pete and I noshing on some tasty holiday eats, and taking time out of life to just be.



I’m not meal planning this week, rather indulging my creative side, with some warm roasted veggie & grain salads, fun appetizers for Christmas Eve complete with an outdoor fireplace (bonfire), traditional Christmas stollen for breakfast, and roast turkey and camote (white sweet potatoes) that we just harvested from our yard for Christmas dinner. I’m planning on some yummy leftover creations as well. 🙂

Also tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll be posting two of my favorite all-time Christmas treat recipes!



Just a few little teasers…but be sure to check the blog while you are traveling or have some down time. I hope you’ll bookmark them for next Christmas.

Christmas week for me is about reflecting on what the day means, how so many years ago the birth of God’s Son so completely changed my life forever. And refocusing on why I live here in Mexico, to share with my Nahuatl friends how His birth made the way for life, hope, and eternal joy for them too.


Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

Even though there’s no meal plan I’m still planning my workouts. Not only does it help me stick to my healthy habits, but if I know what I’m doing, I save time, which is important during the holidays. So here’s how I’ll be sweatin’ this week:


Monday – Legs day + HIIT

Tuesday – Run + Sprints

Wednesday – Hike w/ my favorite guys (the hubs & the dog!) + Cookie Burner

Thursday – HIIT Run

Friday – Burpee Love (new workout)

Saturday – Holiday HIIT + Strength

Sunday – Leisurely run

What holiday eats will you being enjoying this week? Fitness? What’s your plan?

And to you and yours a Merry Christmas!


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