Being a Goal Setter

Since I was little girl I’ve been a goal setter. It wasn’t like I had a sheet of paper with all my goals documented on it, most of them were just in my head; things I wanted to accomplish so badly I would have sold my first born to make it happen. Okay, maybe I’m not quite that driven, but some have described me as motivated, and a work-aholic. Hmmm…that is good and bad I suppose.

For the past several years at the ringing in of the New Year I have made a list of personal goals. One of the things I have learned about setting goals is they have to be CHALLENGING but ACHIEVABLE. If they are too lofty, I get discouraged, and if they are to easy, I tend to slack. Does that make sense?


Anyways…before this gets too wordy here are a some of the goals that I have for 2014.

1. Have one date night with the hubby every month.
Since there is no where to “go out” per se, I have some other fun ideas: cooking dinner together, going on a sunset picnic, bonfire night, etc.

2. Put the needs of others before my schedule.
Not only my husband, but my co-workers, Nahuatl friends, and others with whom I find myself. This one is super hard for me, and I will have to be in a constant state of awareness to make this one happen.

1. Be more mindful during my devotions.
Every morning I spend time in the word, but I have to admit, it is not always the most mindful time. Often I have the days tasks spinning through my head, or there are visitors at the door that need something. And I know it won’t be possible every day, but I would like to have my time in the Word be just that, time with Him, listening, trusting, noting what He has for me that day.

2. Pray. Period.
I have to admit, I find myself praying on my feet a lot. My life’s work brings about the types of situations where I’m constantly asking God for direction, wisdom, safety, and healing. But I want my prayer life to be SO much more than that. I want to pray this year more intentionally for my Nahuatl friends, for Pete, for my family and friends back in the U.S. and for what God is miraculously doing not only here where I live, but around the world.

1. Finish my formal Nahuatl language study.
This one is non-negotiable. I’m finishing, and then I’ll spend the next good portion of my life perfecting it. 🙂

1. Challenge myself.
It is easy to get stuck in a rut doing the workouts that I love, but I want to challenge myself this year and try new things. Lift heavier, run faster, rest adequately. Yes…making myself rest is sometimes a challenge for me. 🙂

2. Do More Functional Fitness & Yoga
While I love heavy gym style lifting, I have to admit that the older I get the more I’m realizing the importance of functional fitness. Doing exercises that imitate the way we move in real life. These type of exercises condition my core, and the muscles that I use everyday, plus this type of training combined with a healthy diet will produce a lean body.

And yoga, once you’ve practiced a few times you’ll know why I want to do more of it. It’s awesome! Not only is it relaxing…but it feels so good to stretch and tone your whole body, and I feel like a million bucks afterwards.


1. Be more mindful of my protein intake.
Living in a remote place a lot of my protein comes from plant sources…which often takes more meal planning and preparation. I want to be better about planning meals, that meet my protein needs, as well as Pete’s without sacrificing the variety in our diet that we both crave.

2. Eat even less sugar.
I already eat very little, but I know there is nothing nutritionally sound about it so why eat it. I as well as anyone know that those cravings for something sweet are hard to beat, but a few weeks cold turkey, I don’t even want the stuff any more. When I do use sweetener I’ll be trying my best to use raw honey, or Grade B Maple syrup. Still sugar, just more natural sources.

Just for Fun:
1. Go on a memorable trip with my man.
I don’t mean our truck broke down and we hitch hiked to the nearest mountain village for a cell phone signal memorable. I mean a real trip, where we just “be” together. So hubs, what do ya say? Roadtrip? Camping? Italy?

2. Go Surfing.
We buy all our supplies in a coastal town, right next to the ocean…I still have not been surfing. I’m going. That’s all.

3. Put some of my favorite recipe creations into a PDF Book
Not sure how or when this might happen, but I’d love to do it. Maybe I’ll work on it on that road trip.

Well, this was a wordy post. But hope you enjoyed reading some of my goals for the year, and I also hope you’ve been inspired to write down some of your own.

See you tomorrow!


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