Jumpstart January Workout Calendar

Hey! Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope your New Years’ Eve celebrations were festive, with lots of good food, fun, and fellowship with those you love most!

Ours was a quiet night with just the two of us. P1030247

I was wearing something MUCH warmer than that last night. House w/no heat + 40 degrees= Freezing my booty off.

I wanted something “New Year-ish” for dinner..my family always did a huge spread of appetizers every year, and I was craving something along those lines. After about 5 minutes of staring at the shelves in my pantry I created a hot, creamy tofu dip with homemade pita chips. We almost ate the entire pie plate full…it was epic, and I will definitely be making it again. We watched some Elementary, ate entirely too much dark chocolate in the name of New Years Eve…and then called it a night around 10:30pm…I know, party animals.

It’s the first day of 2014…how are you feeling? Is your day off to a good start? I was up at 5:30 to workout, and made some of this for breakfast. The sun is shining, we literally haven’t seen each other in days…so yeah, I’m happy with how my 2014 has begun. 🙂

Everyone who is joining me in the Jumpstart Challengeimage

How is the H2O tracking going? I’ve actually been surprised at how much water that I’m drinking even though it’s so COLD. Stay tuned for a full recap on the weekend.

Since it’s January 1st, I thought it would be fun to post my first ever Workout Calendar for you guys! I have brainstormed workout ideas for every day of the month of January, but I didn’t put specific dates on the calendar so that you can flex it to work with your schedule. Hope you love it!

Jumpstart January

Not all of the workouts have links (January Jumpstart, and ab ripper), but they are coming. 🙂 I have added the links to all the existing workouts, and when I post the others I will update this page, so check back to get the updated workout list.

Workout links:

Sweaty Bodyweight Circuit
Lean Legs
10 Minute Plank Burner
No Excuses November Workout
Snooze HIIT
Loads of Lunges
Get Out & Move
Get Glutes HIIT
20 Minute Interval Challenge
Christmas Cookie Burner
31@31 Tabata Workout
Beach Shape Up Circuit
Jumpstart January The Workout

*As always, please check with your doctor before making drastic changes to your fitness routine, honor your injuries, and modify the moves as needed for your current fitness level. And most important have fun with your fitness!

Also, I’m here for you guys, so leave any questions or concerns you have in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Here’s to a great 2014!

~ Liesl

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