JSJ 2014 – Week 1 in Review + Week 2’s Challenge

Week one of the Jumpstart January Challenge is over!
This week I kept track off how much water I drank on a daily basis. I did not include tea or other water-based beverages, just pure, clean water.


The stats:
Sunday – 78oz.
Monday – 86oz.
Tuesday – 80oz.
Wednesday – 74oz.
Thursday – 76oz.
Friday – 80oz.
Saturday (today) – still drinkin’ over here

Not bad. My daily consistent water consumption was between 74-86oz. In my defense, during my two weakest days it was FREEZING! I always find it much harder to drink water when it’s cold…I just want to fill my shivering body with warmth. Plus when I’m drinking hot tea and water I’m running to pee like all.the.time. Seriously. It’s like I’m pregnant or something, which I am not.
With that said, I’d like to do better. So this was eye opening for me. I know that my body needs more water with my typical fitness schedule, and so on. Bottom line I’d like to be drinking more water.

My new daily H2O goal: 85 – 100 oz per day (depending on my fitness schedule)

What did you learn about yourself and your water drinking habits this week? Anything you want to change?

Now…let’s jump into Week 2 shall we?

For Week 2 of the JSJ 2014 Challenge I wanted to do a fitness-based challenge. I started thinking about it early this last week and nothing was coming to me. My ideas either seemed to hard, or too easy. I couldn’t think of a challenge that would appeal to all of my readers. So, I decided to make it a challenge that was open to “personal interpretation.” In other words, the Week 2 Challenge is pretty general, and you get to personalize it…make sense?

Here’s how it will work:


Some basic challenge rules:
*There are 3 exercises.
*You will pick one of the 3 exercises every day this week.
*You will complete 50 reps of the chosen exercise. This can be done however you like. 50 repetitions at once, 5 sets of 10, you decide.
*You MUST do all 3 of the exercises during the course of the week. For example: you cannot do 50 burpees every single day for 7 days. Even though I know you want to…self torture much…
Anyways, you get the idea. You must also do squats, and pushups at least once during the week.

That’s it.
The idea behind this challenge is to get you to move your body everyday. If you are planning to do additional cardio and strength workouts during the week as well, that’s awesome! I salute you, to starting the year out right.

Oh…one more thing. Please tailor the exercises to your fitness level.

Starting fresh – squat into a chair or onto a bench and then stand, try wall pushups, and check out this post for burpee beginners.

Been working out for a bit, or jumping back on the fitness wagon – Use the back of a chair for stability while you squat, do standard pushups until you can’t do any more then drop to your knees, follow the burpee progressions here.

You live at the gym (advanced peeps) – Challenge yourself! Make these exercises in addition to all your normal workouts. Try some jump squats, do pushups at the bottom of each burpee, try a variation of the basic pushup like declines, military, or diamond pushups.

*Remember honor your body, fitness level, and injuries when trying a new fitness regimen. Use common sense, and check with your doctor before hand if you have any concerns.

JSJ Challenge Week 2 is under way…own it!
I’m cheering you on!

~ Liesl

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