Eats & Fitness – 1/5

Happy first Sunday of 2014!!

This morning we branched out and enjoyed a Sunday breakfast of tostadas rancheros; creamy cumin spiced white beans, a fried egg, a sprinkle of sharp cheddar and few slices of avocado all layered on oven toasted, fresh ground corn tortillas made by our neighbor. Yeah, it doesn’t get much fresher than that. All washed down with a hot, steaming french press of dark roast coffee. It was lovely.

And in other exciting news the fruit and veggie truck was in town yesterday, and she brought me lots of fresh fruit.


Mandarines, pineapple, papaya, bananas, just to name a few, and of course the “must buys”, tomatoes, and garlic.

Speaking of fresh, I haven’t shown you guys our winter crops. Pete, the hubs, planted all kinds of greens, tomatoes, peas, and we just finished harvesting the poblano peppers.





There are definitely benefits to living in a warmer climate, even if we’ll never have a white Christmas. 🙂

So…Sundays are kind of like my “me day”. I like to meal plan, prep food for the week (kind of a calming hobby of mine), and just enjoy the things in life that I don’t get time for during a busy week. This morning I prepped a batch of quinoa, lentils, pinto beans, (I always cook from dry beans), green curry bean burgers, and a BIG batch of this Simple Tomato Soup to put in the freezer for quick lunches, or a night when I just don’t feel like cooking.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll be feasting on:

Meal Ideas:
Beer Bean Tostadas w/Pico de gallo
Green Curried White Bean Burgers
Skillet Herbed Frittata w/Sun-dried Tomatoes
Quinoa Lentil & Apricot Salad
Spaghetti w/Pumpkin, Thyme & Walnuts

What are you craving this week? What is on your meal plan?

We are starting the second week of the New Year, and I don’t know about you guys, but I have kind of felt like I’m still in holiday mode. Time to get real!
If you are following the JSJ 2014 Challenge this week is all about fitness!


I’m actually super excited about it, and can’t wait to internationally move my behind every single day this week. No excuses!

Besides the challenge here’s what I’ve got planned on the fitness front:

Tentative Fitness Plan:
Monday – Sixes Leg Burner
Tuesday – Run (HIIT intervals) + 5 min Ab Ripper (post coming)
Wednesday – light yoga
Thursday – Run steady state + sprints + 7 min. Glutes on
Friday – Chest, Back, & Core Tabata
Saturday – Christmas Cookie Burner + Pushups & Dumbbells workout
Sunday – Run steady state

Are you following the JSJ 2014 Challenge? If not, it is not too late to start. Check out this week’s challenge here.
Also, if you are looking for new workout inspiration, check out the Jumpstart January Workout calendar for ideas!

Cheers to healthy living in 2014!

~ Liesl

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