JSJ Challenge – Week 4

Is this already the 4th week of the Jumpstart January Challenge? Wow…I can’t believe it. January 2014 is almost over. Every year it seems like the time goes by faster.

Disclaimer: I am so sorry this wee’s challenge is not posting until today…Tuesday. But our internet was completely out for two days. Unfortunately I didn’t have it on auto post. However you can still do this week’s challenge. So keep reading!


For those of you doing the challenge, how are you feeling with starting your year out with some crazy new challenges and activities? One of you commented that you loved the challenge…how it made you feel like you were doing things right. I was so excited to hear this, and pumped to know that you are enjoying the new challenges and the changes you are seeing and feeling in your health and lives. Super cool stuff!

On doing things right, I want you all to know this looks and feels completely different for everyone. And even if you haven’t been able to participate fully in all the challenges that doesn’t mean that you have failed or that you aren’t doing right by your body. Everyone is SO different, and the toughest battle and learning how to listen to your body and make those things that you know work for you into lifestyle habits.

For example in my last post, talking about the Week 3 challenge of keeping a food and fitness journal I talked about my struggles with potassium and iron in my diet. You may be totally sufficient in these areas, but lacking in fiber or other essential nutrients. We all have areas, things in our diets, and fitness routines that need work. And once those are identified the best thing we can do to get “back on track” is to brainstorm how to better ourselves in the areas where we lack. It’s a journey…a long one, in fact a lifetime. Making those healthy changes must become a lifestyle…otherwise it won’t stick. And creating a lifestyle takes time, it will not happen overnight.

So I want to encourage you, do not get down on yourself for skipping a workout, or enjoying that chocolate cupcake at a recent party, or choosing to eat cereal for dinner because you were to lazy to put together a healthy, balanced meal. We have all been there. The important thing is not to look back, but to start fresh every single day with making the best choices we can for our health, and not just for ourselves, but for those we love as well. When we are healthy we have more energy to give in caring for our families, friends, and loved ones. And not only that, but we can silently encourage others to make lasting changes in their lives as well.

With that said, I’m proud of you JSJ Challengers, you are amazing! Sticking to a challenge like this one takes hard work, and dedication. In turn you will get out of it what you have put into it. Thank you for keeping me posted on how you are doing, I’ve been encouraged with your stories, and I’m cheering you on from the mountains of Mexico!!!

High Side plank

Are you ready for WEEK 4’s CHALLENGE?

This week (1/20 – 1/26), will be a two-fold challenge. Incorporating both fitness and food. Kind of like last week, but with a completely NEW twist.
I’m super excited about this week, because it will take many of us WAY out of our comfort zones. Why? Because Week 4’s challenge is all about just that, challenging yourself. Are you ready for a FUN week?

Here are the deets:


More info:

1. Make a pantry staple from scratch:
This week you are going to pick a pantry/fridge staple that you use often, and make it from scratch. It must be something that you regularly buy at the store, and have never tried making before.
Here are some ideas: crackers, granola bars, hummus, cereal, granola, nut or oat milk, yogurt, trail mix, soup, oatmeal…the options are endless.
The process will take you some research, but have fun with it. Ask yourself, what is something I’ve always wanted to try making…and challenge yourself to find out how and get in the kitchen and make it. Ah, this is going to be great!

You can check out my recipe page for some ideas, and also here and here for lots of homemade goodies!
I cannot wait to hear about all of your recipes!!

2. Do a “New to you” Workout:
Along with getting your domestic kitchen goddess on you are going to challenge yourself to keep your fitness routine fresh with a completely NEW workout this week.
The only rule is: you have to have never done the workout before…ever.

I have found that with fitness often we like to stay in our comfort zone. We find workouts that we enjoy and that deliver results and we keep doing those workouts every.single.week. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, over time our body adapts. It gets used to our “normal” fitness and we stop seeing results because we are no longer challenging our muscles and keeping our bodies guessing.

So…where can I find fun challenging workouts?
The FitnessintheKitchen workouts+fitness page of course!
Also, this week (contingent on internet connection) I’ll be posting a completely new Stability Ball workout, so be sure to check that out!

In addition here are some other good resources to check out:
The Fitnessista
Nutrition Nut on the Run
Blonde Ponytail
*Reminder – Please check with your doc before making any drastic fitness changes, and as always honor your body, and injuries and modify exercises when you need to.

That’s it!

I’m off to brainstorm what kind of tasty homemade pantry staple we’ll be enjoying this week.
So have fun, and as always, I’m cheering you on! Feel free to comment throughout the week and let me know how things are going. I’ll try and update you as well.

Happy Challenge Week!

~ Liesl

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