“Finish February FIT” Challenge

SO many of you wanted me to keep the challenges going…so after five weeks of the JSJ 2014 Challenge, I’ve decided to honor your requests, and extend the challenges through the month of February!!
However, February will have a different focus, all the challenges will be directly FITNESS related!! I know…HOLLah!

January was all about building a healthy foundation to start off the year 2014. Now, that we are all in the groove with our workouts, healthy eating, and meal and fitness planning, let’s really push the envelope. You on board?image

My idea for the Finish February FIT Challenges will be to encourage you to push your current limits “fitness-wise.” If there is one thing that I know from experience it is this: it is SO easy to quit or hold ourselves back when working out before we need to. We all do it. Whether it is an issue of self-esteem, not feeling able or strong enough, or an issue of attitude, or lack of motivation. Whatever it is…lets kick it in the pants!!

This month I want to push you out of your comfort zone, inspire you to try new workout methods/moves, and encourage you to challenge your body new and exciting ways! All of this equalling, hopefully, some awesome visible changes in your body, mental changes in your attitude towards exercise and your body, and a new found energy for life!
Are you ready!!

Let’s HIIT it…that’s our first challenge!image

That’s right…this week we are going to do HIIT training 3xs on non-consecutive days. What is HIIT training?  Check out this post I wrote several months back.

HIIT training can be incorporated into a variety of different workouts and used as a technique for strength or cardio training. The idea of HIIT is to incorporate longer intervals of “all out” effort with short intervals of “recovery or rest.” This training technique will increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Which in short, will make your lower intensity cardio workouts seem easier, and you will soon find yourself lifting more weight and pushing yourself harder in your workouts!

Also an added bonus: HIIT training increases your metabolism causing you to burn more calories during your workout and for hours afterwards…which means you are going to be a fat burning machine throughout your day!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be posting a Feb Fit HIIT workout for you guys, plus links to some other great HIIT workouts that I’ve personally tested and LOVED, put together by some pretty amazing fitness bloggers, and trainers. These workouts will give you a great place to start in planning your HIIT week!

*Important stuff:
If this will be your first time trying HIIT workouts, I would recommend that you only begin this challenge if you are at a point where you can comfortably perform 4-5 days of steady state cardio per week for around 30-40 minutes. HIIT is incredibly demanding on your cardiovascular system, and it is not something that you should try as a beginning to you fitness journey.

However, if you are ready to “HIIT it” remember to honor your body, make sure you are injury free, and modify moves as necessary…while still pushing yourself.

As I mentioned above, we’ll be doing 3 days of HIIT workouts, non-consecutively. Here is an idea of what your weekly fitness schedule could look like:image

This schedule is just a suggestion, so feel free to manipulate it however works for you. If you want just one rest day, throw in an extra strength sesh, or if you want 3 rest days, take them. This challenge is for you guys, so plan your workouts so you will stick to them!

And just a reminder…HIIT training is even more effective when paired with a clean diet of lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, veg, and whole grains. So, for best results, keep it clean in the kitchen this week.

Any questions? Share them with me in the comments, I’m here for ya!

See ya tomorrow with all this week’s HIIT workout ideas!

~ Liesl

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