Finish February Fit Challenge – Week 2

It’s the weekend!! Anyone have fun plans?

Given that next weekend is Valentines weekend you may be staying in, saving dough for a sweet date night with your significant other. 🙂 I know that is what I would be doing if I lived somewhere were there were places to go on a date. I’m trying to brainstorm a fun idea for our Valentines out here, but nothing yet.

I’m actually not much of a roses girl…or flowers for that matter. The thought is always sweet, but a quiet night in, cooking together, making homemade lattes, and watching a movie, or sitting around a crackling bonfire just talking. I’ll take that anyday.

Well…week 1 of the Finish Feb Fit Challenge is officially over. Whew…3 HIIT workouts, it was a tough week!

What are you thoughts? Did you enjoy doing some intense, heart pumpin’ workouts? What did you learn about your ability to push yourself even when you didn’t think you could?

I know you may not think it reading my blog, but I wimp out sometimes. Granted, I strongly believe that if you put on your workout clothes, head to the gym, and hit the weights or treadmill for 10 minutes and just aren’t feeling it…then you should listen to your body, give it rest, and call it an intuitive victory.

But that’s not wimping out…and that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I guess a better way to word it is I stop before I need to. When doing pushups to exhaustion, am I truly exhausted when I drop to my knees after 20…nope. And I know it. It’s the mental block that we all have, when the pain begins to set in we don’t realize that mentally we CAN finish the set, or run that 1/2 mile more, and we quit…before we challenge ourselves and clench a fitness victory. Both physical & mental.


So I hope that Week 1 of the challenge helped to push you a bit out of that comfort zone, and into a new realm of confidence in your fitness and what your body can do.

Okay…now for Week 2!


High Rep, wha?

My idea behind the Finish Feb Fit Challenge was to expose you all to some possibly “new to you” methods of working out, and encourage you to change your body, “fitness-wise” by challenging it in new ways. And not just for the month of February, but these workouts/challenges are great things to put in your fitness arsenal for when your fitness routine needs a little “shaking up.”

So High Reps…what’s the deal?

The basic idea: 
High reps, using a lighter weight for more reps will shock your red & grey muscle fibers, the fibers that respond in strength & endurance movements, more than they normally would in lets say your typical 3 sets 15 reps resistance routine. 

In a high rep workout you will be doing a serious of exercises – for example 6 exercises for 50 reps or more each exercise. You may be asking, “why not just do more sets?” “Like 5 sets of 20 reps for example.” The reason being, 20 reps may only require about 20-40 seconds of work, while a 50-70 rep set will envoke a completely different type of exercise response which doesn’t take place until after your body has been working for more than 45 seconds. This changes the body’s energy systems over to the “lactic acid cylcle” which you can read more about here.  

How often should I do a high rep workout: Because a high rep workout can be physically demanding you should make sure that you are listening to your body and taking rest days between your training days. Your body will need that time to recover because you will be “sore sauce.”

However, you know your body better than anyone and while 2-3 high rep days a week might be great for some, once every 2 weeks might be better for others. The only way you will know what works for you is to try it. And that is what this week’s challenge is for.


During week 1 you tried HIIT training, and I hope you enjoyed it and felt energized…I know I do when I HIIT. 🙂

Now this week, week 2, we are going to be incorporating high rep days into our routines. Which I’m hoping for most of you will be a new, fresh, and exciting way to train your body.

And as always, honor your body and your injuries. Modify workout moves when you need to, and take rest days. Be smart, and use common sense. Also, keep it clean in the kitchen…image

…because none of us want to be working our bootys off in the gym, and have nothing to show for it. It takes both clean eating, and exercise to see results.

See you tomorrow with a High Rep Workout for you to do this week, plus yummy meal ideas!

~ Liesl

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