High “Reppin” Workout + Meal Ideas

Happy Sunday! What’s on your schedule today?

Meal & fitness planning? I hope so…because I have a quick, effective High Rep workout to share with you!

I did the workout yesterday, and it was a really fun change of pace from my usual strength routine. And it was challenging! Which is always awesome. 🙂 I warmed up for 5 minutes, and then did the entire workout, 1 circuit, took me just about 14 minutes. So…it’s a quick one…great for those days when you want something intense, but don’t have much time!

This week I’ve challenged you all to 2-3 High Repetition workouts…to shake up your routines, and give you a fresh outlook on how to train! Are you ready?

Here’s the workout:


*Warm up – 5 minutes of dynamic movements + some stretching
* Complete the entire workout, all 6 exercises, for 50 reps each with no rest, for time.
Focus on keeping your form strong, and using your entire body for each movement especially your core muscles.
You are doing this workout for time, so move quickly, but as I said above do not sacrifice your form.
* Once you’ve completed the workout, cool down.

– set of light weights (I would recommend 5lbers for beginners, if you are more advanced, try 10s or 15s)

The Exercises:
1. Dumbbell Swings

2. Pushups

3. Deadlift & Press
Keep your back straight and knees slightly bent as you go into the deadlift. Pull through your glutes to bring yourself up and at the same time using your legs and core to swing the weights to shoulder height. Then push them overhead into a press.

4. Half Burpee Get Up
Squat down, hands on your weights which are on the floor on either side of your feet. Jump your feet back into a pushup position and then jump them back forward. Bring the weights with you as you use your legs, glutes, & core to stand up..

5. Narrow Squat Thruster
Feet exactly shoulder width apart squat down holding the weights at shoulder height. Push through your legs to stand and push the weights up overhead.

6. Russian Twists 
Balance on your booty, legs up, core tight, back flat. Hold your weight in front of you. Using your abs quickly rotate from side to side tapping the weight to the floor. A tap on each side = 1 rep.

*If you are new to high intensity workouts, take it easy and listen to your body. If you need to take a break, step back from your exercise, count to 5 and then start again to finish your reps.
* Also, if you are really feelin’ it…like you can’t finish your 50 reps, drop your weight down and finish your set with a lighter weight.
* Modify the exercises if needed. For example, start your pushups on the floor, and move to the edge of the couch, or to a wall pushup to finish your set.
* If you are a more advanced gym goer, complete the entire workout, rest 1-2 minutes, and then move through the circuit a 2nd time. Try to beat your first round’s time!!

Also you can modify any of your favorite workouts to be high repetition workouts. So be creative and if you come up with an amazing workout I’d love to hear about it!

Have fun!

This weekend I didn’t do a whole lot of meal prep because we are leaving for a road trip to do VISA paperwork in about 10-12 days. So, we’ll be doing our best to finish up all the fresh goodies we have and some things in the freezer as well.

Here are some healthy meal ideas for the week:image

Vegetarian Quinoa Chili (leftovers from the freezer=5 minute dinner)

Smoked Paprika Chicken Salad

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Veggie Pita Pizzas

Grilled Chicken & Zucchini w/ roasted veg salad
(probably our Valentines meal…)

And…I’m trying out a new to me bread recipe, I’ll have to let you know how it goes. 🙂

What’s on your menu this week? What are you doing for Valentines Day? Share your recipes, pretty please! 😉

Also if you try the workout, let me know what you thought in the comments.

Have a great week!
~ Liesl

4 thoughts on “High “Reppin” Workout + Meal Ideas

    • Yes. 🙂
      You can totally do this, start with regular pushups, move to your knees, then to wall pushups to finish your set. When do you plan to try the workout? I’d love to hear what you thought.

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