Tight Tushie Tuesday

Heeeeey, Happy Tuesday! While this post was supposed to come your way on Saturday, our internet connection had other plans. Cough…plans to rest for over 48 hours. 🙂 Needless to say, my weekend booty burner post has now turned into Tight Tushy Tuesday post. That title makes me laugh.

Any who…this last week felt like it flew by. On Wednesday the 20th, our little pueblito celebrated Revolution Day. The school age children in the village paraded with Mexican flags and festive dress in the colors of the flag, red, green, and white. Afterwards the entire community gathered for chicken pozole, a tradition dish of chile broth chicken and spices, accompanied by fresh made corn tortillas.




We joined in the fun, spending time with all our neighbors and friends. It was a nice break from language study and our other weekly duties.

Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the posts this last week. I feel like I’m kind of getting back into the swing of writing again.

Today I wanted to share a quick Tight Tushy workout with you all that tears up my glutes. It is quick, and will only take you 10 minutes, but you will feel the burn.

I recommend trying this booty burner at end of a cardio workout, run, walk, or a strength training legs sesh…kind of like dessert, but better for you. 😉 Also, if you only have a short time to get in a workout this is a great quicky workout!

Tight Tushy Workout
* how: do each move for 10 reps each and move directly to the next exercise. Do as many complete rounds of all the exercises as possible in 10 minutes (move through each exercise quickly, but with good form)
** equipment: just your body weight & and a chair or step. However if you prefer, grab a set of weights, or something heavy for resistance and an even greater burn!

Goblet squat – 10 (don’t forget get your booty low) 🙂


Step ups Right -10 (complete all 10 step ups on your right leg)


Plie squat pulse x3 + plie squat jump – 10 (3 pulses in the bottom of your plie squat, and 1 jump = 1 rep)


Glute bridges -10 (each leg)


Step ups Left -10 (same as above step ups, all completed on your left leg)

Let me know if you try the workout, and come back tomorrow for some tips on staying on track with your health and fitness this Thanksgiving holiday!