Burn It Bodyweight Workout

Here it is…the workout you’ve all been waiting for…*insert evil laugh here*…no, I’m not totally serious, but this workout will get your heart pumpin’.

It is a tough workout, but it is done quick, (just 20 minutes) which means you can’t whimp out, you need to go all out during your work intervals and really push yourself. This workout is a mix of cardio, plyometrics, and bodyweight strength moves all wrapped up tightly in a HIIT style workout.

I did two rounds on Saturday combined with the Leg & Arm Burnout (more on that below) and it was a perfect, super schweaty 30 minute workout.

*Remember: Modify exercises when needed, and honor your body and injuries. If you are just starting to get in the workout groove I would recommend doing only 1 round. 

Now, get your favorite jams ready on your ipod, or call up one of your workout buddies and let’s “get this” together!

P.S. If you look closely you can see my little feline photo bomber in just about every pic. He’s a darling.

– Burpee jacks: Perform a regular burpee, but when you jump back to high plank you will jump your feet out to the sides like you are performing a jumping jack in plank. Jump your feet back together, and complete the burpee.

– Mtn Climbers: In high plank position bring your knees into your chest one at a time quickly like you are running up the face of a cliff. Keep your abs tight, head level, and booty down.

– Dive Bombers: Start with hands a little wider than shoulder width and feet on the floor, and hips raised to the ceiling so your body is in a “V”. Lower your shoulders and glide your chest forward just above the ground between your hands and then push towards the ceiling. Your hips will be lifted just off the floor a few inches. Next reverse the move gliding your hips back up making an inverted V with you body like at the start.

– Lateral lunges w/jump (Left): Step to the left with your left leg sinking into a lateral lunge. As you lunge reach down and touch the ground with your right hand. Upon the touch push up out of the lunge and reach your right hand for ceiling while jumping up off of your right leg.

– Plank shoulder taps (5) + pushup: In high plank position bring your hand up to tap your opposite shoulder, repeat on the other side for 5 reps, then perform a pushup. Move as quickly as possible, keeping your core tight, back flat, and don’t let your belly sag.

– Lateral lunges w/jump (Right): Same as the lateral lunges above, but lunging onto your right leg, and jumping up off your left leg.

– Prisoner squats: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and your hands placed light behind your head. Keeping your head and chest lifted, squat down and back until your thighs are parallel with the floor, press back up to start. Move through your squats as quickly as possible with good form.

– Plank walk out + tricep pushup: From a stand bend over placing your hands on the floor in front of your feet, walk them out until you are in high plank, perform 2 tricep pushups (elbows close to your sides), and walk back to the start. Repeat, move quickly.

– Jump lunges (3) + kick:  From a stand jump up into the air scissoring your legs to land in a lunge with your right leg forward. Immediately jump up from the lunge and switch, landing in a left lunge, repeat again. After your 3rd lunge, swing the opposite leg forward into a front kick. Repeat….3 jumping lunges, kick, 3 jumping lunges, kick, etc.

Candlestick: Stand with your feet together arms lifted above your head. Roll back into an inverted candlestick position, arms above your head, hips extended, and toes lifting upwards. Roll back down placing your feet on the floor and rolling to a stand, immediately spring upwards into a jump.
*This is HARD…so feel free to use your hands to help you stand up.

Once you’ve completed 1-2 rounds, you can collapse in a pool of your own sweat…or….you can finish up with this:

Leg & Arm Burnout

30 pulsing squats (regular squat with a pulse, up/down, rise up to start)
30 second squat hold
30 pulsing plie squats (legs wide toes turned out slightly)
30 second plie squat hold
30 jump squats

20 pushups
30 second low pushup hold (hold your body in the low portion of your pushup)
20 plank shoulder taps (tap R, tap L= 1 rep)
30 second low plank hold (resting on your elbows)
30 up & down planks (walk from high to low plank using just your arms)


High fives! That’s a serious workout!

If you try this workout let me know how it went….what you liked what you didn’t. I love getting your feedback. Also, a lot of the exercises are new, so if you have any questions at all put them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

Happy Workouts!!

~ Liesl

Checkin’ In

Hey! Just wanted to check in real quick with you guys and see how the first week of the Finish February FIT Challenge is going!imageHow’s your HIIT week been? Did you find some awesome HIIT workouts to try? Have you felt like you are pushing your limits, getting some where with your fitness? Who has tried the Feb Fit HIIT workout?

It’s been a little bit of “sore city” for me this week. Between trying out the Feb Fit HIIT, running, strength and other HIIT workouts…I’ve felt it. We’ll just say that.

On Sunday Pete and I did the Feb Fit HIIT together…it was a good workout. Short, sweet, effective. Just over 30 minutes, including the warm-up.

This morning I did an upper body HIIT which was a tag team of cardio + strength intervals which included a lot of pushups, pullups, and hitting some heavier weights for my chest and back. Good stuff.imageAll in all, considering it’s only Wednesday and I feel like I’ve gotten in some pretty quality workouts.

What about you…has it been fun to get some HIIT in…or has it been a struggle? How have you felt? Have you found the HIIT workouts to be energizing? Has your hunger been raging?

I know whenever I kick up the intensity, I’m ravenous…like all.day.

Which leads me to the kitchen…where the other day I whipped up this healthy, quick and energizing snack. Which is SO easy to make!imageAll you do is grab a non-stick skillet and add: 1 c raw walnuts, 1.5 c raw almonds, 1 c raw sunflower seeds, 1.5 c raw pumpkin seeds, 1 Tbsp braggs liquid aminos, 1 Tbsp sesame oil, 2 tsp smoked paprika, 1/2-1 tsp cayenne, 2 tsp granulated garlic, & a little sea salt. Stir everything up, until the nuts and seeds are well coated.

Turn your stove burner on medium to low heat, and constantly stir until the mixture is fragrant and the nuts and seeds start to look a little dry. Turn off heat, let cool, and store in a air tight container. Yum!image

Have you been keeping it clean in the kitchen? Any yummy recipes I just HAVE to try?

Let me know how it’s going mmkay. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!
~ Liesl

Feb Fit HIIT

Hey everyone! How’s your Super Bowl Sunday going?

We had a morning brunch over at our friend Katie’s house…muffins, eggs, LOTS of coffee, and some prayer time. A good way to start the morning. 🙂




Yesterday afternoon I threw together a big pot of Buffalo Chicken Chili, and in just a bit the beer bread will be going in the oven for some game time eats later on! What did you make at your place? Usually I like to go the “snacky” route, but I was just feeling something warm and hearty this year…it’s been SO cold lately. But it had to be “buffalo” at the husband’s request. He lives for wings…I thought one day he might grow out of it, but considering my Dad still loves em I don’t think there’s much hope for that.

As promised I have a sweaty, awesome HIIT workout to share with you!

You can do this workout as part of your HIIT IT week of the Finish February Fit Challenge, you put it in your workout archives for later.

I’m planning on doing it at least once this week, and hubby says he’s in too…looks like it’ll be a date!

All the “how to” for the workout is below, but if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you! Have fun!


Warm up – do a 5 minute dynamic warm up of jogging, jumping jacks, jump rope, and some light stretching before you begin.
* Set a timer for 30 rounds of 40 seconds hard/20 seconds rest. Each exercise in each round will be done for the 40sec, and then you will rest the 20 sec.
The workout will take you 30 minutes total, not including warm up and cool down. 

– Light weights
– Chair or bench for tricep dips (couch works too)
– Something to keep time, there are some great free interval timers out there! I love this one that I have on my IPAD from Deltaworks.

Round 1: (cardio)
1. High Knees
2. Burpees
3. Mtn Climbers/Pushups (5 each) – do 5 mtn climbers, then 5 pushups, etc.
4 . Squat Jump & Twist – squat down, jump up in the air and twist 180 degrees, land, squat, and twist again
5. High Plank Jacks – in high plank jump your feet out and in like a jumping jack

Round 2: (strength)
1.Plie & upright row – standing feet wider than shoulder width apart, toes turned slightly outwards, holding two weights in front of you. Sink down into a plie squat, push back up to start, and lift the weights up to your collar bone, leading with your elbows.


2. Reverse lunge & press (L) – Stand up straight holding two weights at your sides. Step your right foot backwards and drop into a reverse lunge. Step back up to the start, and press the weights overhead. Repeat. 


3. DB row – Bending your legs, keeping your back straight, and holding weights in each hand, pull the weights up to your chest, leading with your elbows. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you perform the row.

4. Reverse lunge & curl (R) – Stand up straight holding two weights at your sides. Step backwards with your left leg into a reverse lunge, holding steady in the downward lunge position, perform a bicep curl, then return to the start.

5. Skullcrusher & bridge – Lying on the ground on your back, hold two dumbbells overhead palms facing in. Without moving your upper arm, drop the dumbbells slowly down like hammers close to your ears. Return to the start, and then press through your heels to push your booty into a glute bridge position. Lower and repeat. 

*Repeat Round 1

Round 3: (bodyweight)
1. Pushups
2. Tricep Dips
3. High Plank Hold
4. Up & Down Plank – starting in high plank, using just your arms walk down into low plank, and then back up to high, etc.
5. Low Plank Hold  
*Repeat Round 1

Bonus Round: 
High Knees
Low Pushup Hold
*during this round you will be doing high knees for the 40 sec interval, and when the 20 sec interval begins you will drop immediately to pushup position, and lower your body until your chest is just above the floor…and hold…for the remainder of the 20 seconds. When the next 40 sec interval starts hop right back up and into high knees…yep, no resting. 🙂 That’s why it’s the bonus round. DIG!

Also, to give you some other workout ideas for your HIIT IT week here are some links! I have tried many of these workouts, and they’ve made the “I’d do this workout again” cut…which means they are in my workout notebook. So, enjoy!

HIIT Strength:
Killer Conditioning Circuit (scroll to bottom of post)
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Power Circuit

HIIT Cardio:
Treadmill Torture (if you have gym access)
HIIT & Steady
Holiday HIIT (this one will kill ya)
Snooze Button HIIT

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, and Happy HIIT week!
Go Seattle! (the hubby informed me we are cheering for the Seahawks)

~ Liesl