The Healthy Road Trip – What’s in the Bag?

Hey guys!

Just wanted to check in and say that I’m rootin’ for ya this week as you do those bodyweight workouts, and stick to your healthy eats. I workin’ it with ya…just a big sweat ball over here!

So…how’s it going?
Have you tried the Burn It workout yet? What did you think?

It’s Wednesday, and right now as this post goes up we are probably on the road in the middle of nowhere heading towards the border to do our vehicle paperwork. Fun stuff.

I can’t lie though, I do like road trips. They mean lots of quality time with the hubby, a chance to do some good reading, listen to some great music, kind of like forced relaxation. Which I need…just ask my husband. 🙂

One thing I always pack for a road trip is my “food bag.”image

It’s like this mysterious, bag that sits on the floor in the front of the truck, and only I know what’s in it. My husband treats it like the treasure box you get to pick out of at the dentist’s office…”should I choose the trail mix, or the apple, or the protein bar, or ALL three. Yes..that is usually his choice.

Today I’m going to share with you some of my “road trip” staples, that always make it into that priceless bag.

The Road Trip Bag of Healthy Treasure


First of all, how cute is that bag? My MIL gave it to me. LOVE it.

1. A Healthy Breakfast: Often we are on the road for days at a time, and I like to pack something for the first meal of the day that is hearty, filling, and full of nutrients and requires basically nothing to prepare. This trip I’ve packed some “unoatmeal” as we call it.image

It’s a mix of ground flax seed, chia seed, coconut, vanilla pea protein powder, and cinnamon. All you do portion it out, add hot water, let sit for a few minutes and you have breakfast! Just add water…yep, you can get water anywhere, easy peasy.

2. Fruit & Veggies: Fresh fruit and veg make great snacks on the road. Prep them ahead of time by washing them and packing ziploc bags of whatever you have on hand. My personal favorites: carrot sticks, snap peas, celery, apples, orange slices, grapefruit slices, and pears.image

3. Nut Butter: Just bring a spoon…not exactly, but it is good that way too. I like to pack a small jar of almond, or sunflower butter when we travel because it turns a simple little snack like apple slices, into a balanced, protein, healthy fats, and carb powerhouse.image

Plus…what’s not to love about a scoop of nut butter on your “healthy portable breakfast.” Or, bring a loaf of whole wheat bread and make nut butter, and apple slice sandwiches. So, many things you can do with nut butter…that’s why it makes it into the bag every.single.time.

4. Healthy Snack Foods: If you have many hours on the road ahead you know that there is going to be the need for a snack…or two or three. 🙂

Some of my favorite road worthy snacks: nuts or seeds, a homemade trail mix (try walnuts, almonds, cranberries, cherries, blueberries, and sunflower seeds), protein bars or balls (new recipe coming on Friday!), pretzels, or crackers & string cheese.image

5. A French Press & Coffee When we travel we ALWAYS bring our french press.image

Why? Because coffee is expensive…a cup of coffee is easily over $2 and for two people $4 per day/6 days…it adds up FAST. While exploring new coffee shops is great fun, and one of our favorite things to do on trips…I’d like to save the visit for an afternoon latte…if ya know what I mean. 😉

So instead of paying through the nose I’ll grind some of our coffee from home, put it in an airtight container, and pack it with our press. Then wherever we stay all we need is hot water, and we have a delicious pot of coffee for two!

6. Tea You just never know when you are going to be cold and crave a hot cup of tea. Because of that I always throw in a few tea bags of my favorite varieties, along with a few VIA coffee packets in case of java emergencies.image

7. Plastic silverware & napkins Lets be honest, not all the food you’ll be eating on the road is finger food. I have found a simple plastic spoon to be more than helpful on several occasions. So…I always just throw a few knives, spoons, forks, and napkins in a little bag, just in case.

Your turn!
When you road trip do you pack a food bag? What are your road trip staples? Do you have any fabulous road trip breakfast or snack recipes I need to know about?

Come back Friday for a new snack recipe! Great for road trips, or for a day at home!

Have a great week,

~ Liesl