Eats & Fitness – 11.17

We had our pig, Otis, castrated this weekend. He squealed like I used to as the youngest girl in the family when my brothers would barge into my room unannounced. However, his life has been altered much more than mine was at the time. 🙂 He is now on his way to becoming fatter, and the most organic-ish pig in the village. We gave him extra scraps yesterday…it was hard day.

IMG_0632 copy

All our Nahuatl friends want to come and help us eat him, but he may not be as delicious as the poop-eating, free range pork that they are used to. Just a day in the life of a gal living in a tribal village.

What’s going on at your place this weekend?

I also did some hair trimming. Their parents kept talking about how the girls would be walking around bald…not sure what they thought I was going to do. 🙂




This little man just watched. Cutie pie.

We’ve again been blanketed by clouds here in the Mexican Sierra that have also brought some rain, and living off the grid with solar power as our electric source means there hasn’t been much online time for this girl this week. I usually check the web for new recipe inspiration, so I was flying solo as I menu planned for the coming week. Even though I do have some pretty amazing cookbooks that I consult often for ideas.

And in fun news: the hubby put up a new light bulb for me in the kitchen today! So excited, it’s right above where I do most of my food prep. Yeah, for men learning to be handy. 🙂

So here’s what we’ll be munching on this week:


Main Meal Ideas:

Mexican Pie

Roasted Zucchini Stuffing

White Bean, Bacon, & Rosemary Soup w/Pumpkin cornbread

Smoked Trout Millet Burgers & Edamame (recipe will be up tomorrow)

Sundried tomato & basil omelets

Weekend prep: pressure beans (using this method), pre-cut zucchini, shell edamame, make snacks:

Gingerbread Snack Bars & Spicy Quinoa Clusters (recipes in process)
And…some Pumpkin Pie Granola! Yum!

Tentative Fitness Plan:

Monday: 6s Leg Burner Workout

Tuesday: Run + Sprints & 6 min Fab Abs

Wednesday: active rest day – walk or yoga & 6 min Fab Abs

Thursday: Run (HIIT intervals) & 6 Min Fab Abs

Friday: Total Body Workout

Saturday: Upper Body + Quick Tabata

Sunday: Run – longer run day + 10 min booty burner (stay tuned for this)

I’m mixing up my routine a little bit this week. I’ve been digging a mid-week rest day as my week days are the busiest, and I’ve been wanting to start running a little longer once a week. I’m thinking this schedule will work a lot better, but we’ll see…this week will be the test run. And Sunday is pancake day, who doesn’t love pancakes after a run?! Sounds like a match made in heaven.

What’s new on your fitness plan this week? What is working for you? Let me know I love new ideas.

And is anyone making their Thanksgiving menu yet? Can’t wait to hear what you are making! I’m experimenting with a veggie cornbread stuffing this week. Mostly because one can never have enough stuffing.

Happy Weekending!


Eats & Fitness – 9.8

Hey there!

How’s your weekend been?

We’ve had some serious rain this week, after a bit of a dry spell.  A bonfire sounded grand the other night, but it poured.  I guess rainy season isn’t over quite yet.

On a sunnier note, I got to see these precious faces.


My little Saturday morning cleaning buddies.


Do you not just want to squeeze this little peanut?

Thought I’d take a minute and touch base on why I write this weekend post.

I write it for myself, to keep me on track with my eats and fitness,  throughout the week, but I also hope it helps to inspire you to try something new in the kitchen or at the gym!

With that said, here are some ideas for this week:

Meal Ideas:
Autumn Millet Bake
Zucchini Lasagna
Athens inspired Tofu Quiche – a version of this recipe
Almost Mom’s Lentil Soup
Buffalo Chickpea Calzones (wait until Pete reads this…he’s going to pee his pants…he loves buffalo anything)
Pumpkin Mac & No- Cheese w/ Peas

Other kitchen adventures:
Protein Bars
Superfood bites
This pumpkin amaranth porridge looks delicious for breakfast
Maybe even a pumpkin smoothie…mmmM
PSLs! (have you tried one yet?)


Tentative Fitness plan:

*Often my fitness plan does not go exactly according to how I schedule it. I like to take at least one full rest day a week, and I like that rest day to be flexible. Why…because I’m trying to do better with listening to my body. If it is telling me it needs a rest day, I want to feel like I can take that rest day and not sweat it.  However, I need a plan. It helps me get my workouts done in a timely manner, and encourages me to seek variety in my fitness routine.

So here’s what I’m planning for this week:

Monday – Run (steady 30 minutes finishing w/ sprints) + Upper Body
Tuesday – Glutes HIIT + Cardio HIIT
Wednesday – Run (steady state 40 minutes) + Chest & Back HIIT
Thursday – 6s Legs Workout + Bonus round
Friday – Run (HIIT intervals)
Saturday – Full Body Functional Workout + Core
Sunday – yoga/rest


Did anyone try my full body workout last week? It was a good one; sweaty, and effective. It will definitely be going in my arsenal of workouts to repeat. 🙂

How many days a week do you workout? Do you feel guilty when you take a rest day?
I usually workout 6 days a week, and take one full rest day. I used to feel guilty taking a rest day, but I’m learning that my body needs it. And if I’m taking at least one rest day per week I have SO much more energy for the rest of my workouts!

Cheers to an incredible week!


Eats & Fitness – 8/25

This last week was CRAZY…as in I’m still exhausted.

How was your week? I can’t believe it’s school season again already, and next weekend is Labor Day weekend!! Any special plans to celebrate?

Honestly I haven’t even thought about Labor Day…being in another country kind of does that to you. Out here in Las Moras we have a September tradition called the “Fall Fieston.” No, I really have no idea what that means, but it’s a excuse to make fall themed treats (pumpkin scones anyone?), pumpkin spice lattes, and a giant bonfire. I’m not sure when it is occurring, but I’m looking forward to it.



Last night, our co-workers had us over for dinner, and they made a traditional Venezuelan meal of plantain breads, a little like pancakes, topped with meat, black beans, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, garlic and chile sauces and cilantro. It was a yummy change of pace from what we usually eat, and I didn’t have to cook dinner. Woot woot!!



I wasn’t feeling a ton of recipe inspiration while meal planning this weekend, so I’d love to hear what is on your weekly menu! Inspire me, okay?!

Meal Ideas:

Panfried Chickpeas & Cabbage w/ Herb Sauce

Sherried Wild Rice Bake

Baked Creamy Tomato & Basil Pasta

Coconut Red Lentil Soup w/Mint Yogurt

Apple, Arugula, & Cheddar Flatbreads

Black Bean Burger Salads (from the freezer)



Monday –  HIIT Run + Arms & Pushups Workout (to come!)

Tuesday- Leg day

Wednesday- Run (steady 4 miles) + 10 Minute Plank Workout

Thursday- Glutes HIIT + Burpee Challenge

Friday- Run day + Chest/Back/Shoulder Blitz

Saturday- Functional Workout + Core  (45 min total)

Sunday – yoga or test a new workout

Your turn: Inspire me with your meal plans; what are you cooking this week? What is on your Labor Day menu?

Happy Sunday!