Fitness & Eats for the Week – 7/21

When I was a little girl my Mom used to make Dutch Apple Pancake on the weekend for our family breakfast. She made it in a big cast iron skillet in our wood burning stove. No, I did not live in a little house on the prairie…well actually…it was kind of close to that. But, I remember smelling the sweet apples browning with butter and brown sugar and sitting at the table sipping orange juice or a little coffee, (more milk and sugar than coffee) and waiting in anticipation for the big, fluffy pancake to be placed in the center of the table. We would thank Jesus, not just for the food, but for family, and for life, and then dig in!! Oh…that pancake tasted SO good.


I haven’t had a Dutch Apple Pancake in years. So when I saw a recipe for it on Love & Lemons I knew I had to get nostalgic and enjoy it with Pete over some steaming French press coffee. And that is what we did this morning, and it was delightful.

What are you up to this Sunday? Any fun plans?

I ground wheat & spelt yesterday so I’ll be making some bread today, and hopefully doing some yoga and relaxing a little with my man before another busy week starts.


Looks like it will be a chill day.

So, what’s on the eats and fitness menu this week??


Meal Ideas –  

Falafel – I love it, but I’ve never made it…this is the week!

Salmon & Summer Squash on the grill

– I’m dying to try out my rice paper and make some of these Spicy Lentil Rolls 

Fresh & cool Quinoa and Hempseed Tabbouleh salad

Egg & Veggie Tart 

Spicy Fish Cakes w/stir-fried cabbage


Fitness – 

Monday – SPRINTS! + Chest/Back/Shoulders with drop sets

Tuesday – 6s Leg Burner + Ab Circuit

Wednesday – 4 mile Run + Upper Body HIIT

Thursday –  Lean Legs w/weights + Cardio HIIT

Friday- 3.5 mile tempo run + Plank +Cardio Circuit

Saturday – Bodyweight circuit

Sunday – yoga!

In  workout rut? Try this full body circuit sometime this week:

Cardio & Strength Home Circuit

What do you have on your meal and fitness plan this week? Let me hear ya! 

Happy Sunday!!

~ Liesl

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