Jumpstart 2014 Challenges



Thanks for checking out my Jumpstart 2014 Challenges page! These challenges are all about figuring out how to make sustainable changes and set achievable goals to make 2014 a healthy and happy year for you, and those you love!

What can you find on this page?
Links to what the challenges are exactly, and weekly reviews of how the challenges went and what changes I noticed or was feeling. Feel free to leave comments about how the challenges are going for you as well!

You can feel free to start any of the challenges at any time, and mix and match them as you choose.

So, get involved, invite friends, and start on your journey to a healthy and awesome 2014!

~ Liesl

What is the Jumpstart 2014 Challenge?

Week 1 Challenge (12/29 – 1/5)20140103-131550.jpg

Week 1 Review

Week 2 Challenge (1/5 – 1/12)image

Week 2 Review

Week 3 Challenge (1/12 – 1/18)image

Week 3 Review

Week 4 Challenge (1/19 – 1/25)IMG_0571

Week 4 Review

Week 5 Challenge (1/26 – 2/1)image



Week 1 Challenge (2/3 – 2/ (2/10 – 2/16)


Week 2 Challenge (2/10 – 2/16)image

Week 3 Challenge (2/17 -2/23)

Week 4 Challenge (2/24 – 3/2)

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