Last Friday I talked about HIIT training. It’s awesome, you should try it.

In response to some requests, I’ve decided to post a few more HIIT workouts this Friday for you all!! Try them, and let me know what you think. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forgot to complete a 5-7 minute dynamic warm up before doing your workout!

The first workout is a strength based HIIT. This is the longest of the workouts because it covers each main muscle group in your upper body; chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.
This workout took me about an hour to complete from start to finish.

*Tip: Use a challenging weight. You want your muscles to feel completely fatigued by the end of each circuit. For example I used 35lb. dumbbells for the chest presses…that is too heavy for a lot of women, so please use common sense when selecting your weights, know your own strength and abilities, but don’t choose something so light that you are not challenging your muscles. This workout will only produce results if you use a challenging weight. 

Upper Body Strength HIIT

So, you’ve hiit (haha) the snooze button one too many times…the answer is yes, you still have time to get a heart pumping workout in. Try this quick 15 minute cardio based HIIT workout you can do at home. Only have 10 minutes? Do two rounds instead of three.

Snooze Cardio HIIT

This week my friend Simplicia asked me if I knew “how to make glutes.” Why yes, yes I do.
Try this HIIT routine on your leg training day. Or add it onto the end of a short cardio workout for an extra burn. Use challenging weights for the deadlifts and plie squats.

Glutes Hiit

*Remember, if you are new to HIIT training, or coming back after an injury, please check with your doctor before adding anything new or intense. Use common sense, and listen to your body. 

Question: What kind of HIIT training did you do this week? 
I did a HIIT interval run (45sec all out/1min. recovery) for 20 minutes, it was glorious..and my quads were sore city.

Have a great weekend!


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