Fit Focus: 5 Favorite Home Workouts

While I haven’t always been a “home workout” kinda gal, my life has led me to a place where home workouts are my only option for getting my daily sweat on. Which I have found is often necessary for my sanity. 🙂

Actually, I used to be quite the gym junkie in college, granted I was coaching gymnastics for the YMCA at that time and an additional benefit to my weekly paycheck was a free membership to the Y with all of its’  facilities, and classes. It was glorious…because as you know, gym memberships are stinkin’ expensive.

Of course, there are many benefits to becoming a part of the “gym-going” crowd. The atmosphere of encouragement and camaraderie in the gym is really fun, plus there is all sorts of equipment that I’ll just never have at home. So, by no means am I bashing gyms, if there was one in our beautiful pueblo, I’d join. 🙂

But, since there isn’t I’ve learned that you can do some killer, body changing,  workouts in your own living room, or kitchen in my case, and the more you try home workouts the more you learn about all the options that you actually do have. And most importantly you don’t need a gym to stay healthy and in shape.

With that in mind…I thought I would use this Friday to share Five Favorite Home Workouts that make regular appearances in my fitness routine. And check out my Fitness/Workouts page for more ideas!

31 In 31 Workout
Quick, sweaty, total body tabata that will whip you into shape in just 31 minutes.


Sweaty Bodyweight Workout
Full body, bodyweight workout in about 30 minutes. Great workout to try while traveling, no equipment required.

Bodyweight Workout 1.bmp

Cardio + Strength Home Workout
One of my favorite traveling workouts. You can use a heavy back pack or water bottle to do all the resistance exercises!

Cardio & Strength Home Circuit

Upper Body HIIT
Fantastic full upper body workout. You can also split it into two circuits, saving biceps and triceps for another day.

Upper Body Strength HIIT

10 Minute Plank Workout
A quick workout you can do anywhere to target your core and raise your heart rate.
There are no excuses not to try this one. 🙂

Plank it Out - Core Burner

Do you prefer working out at home or in the gym? 

What is your go to home workout? 

Happy Weekend!!!


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