Fitness & Eats – 9.22

I cannot believe that there is only one full week left in September. Time is a flyin’. Fall is really here, and brisk weather is starting to rear it’s head, are you ready? Sweaters, boots, cords, peacoats, ah…I don’t own a single one of those things anymore. Wait, I have one sweater, and I’ll probably wear it approximately 3 times this year. Ah…Mexico.


This is a picture of our casa…the cosmos that seeded themselves are still blooming everywhere. Along with our morning glories, and moon flowers.


And a thank you to hurricane Manuel, for keeping our creek flowing.

Fall is the season I miss the most though, now that we live in the land of no seasons. And while people tend to think that spring is the season of new beginnings, I like to think of fall as the season of beginning to truly cement our healthy habits of fitness and healthy eating that will carry us into the holiday season when it’s often hard to stay on track.

So, with one week left to go, let’s make the rest of September sensational! Which for me starts with planning…here’s what’s on my menu this week:

Meal Ideas:

Pumpkin Chili & Cornbread
Maple Winter Squash Salad w/ toasted pecans
Veggie Frittata
Simple Thai Style Curry
Homemade Tomato Soup & Cheese Toast
Tuna, Tomato, & Kalamata Olive Pasta

For breakfast I ground some 7-grain cereal to cook up with almond milk and cinnamon, and I’m also hoping to get this tasty baked oatmeal back into the rotation this week. I was also able to buy eggs, yeah for the veggie truck comin’ to town, so those will be making an appearance as well probably with some fresh toasted bread. mmmmmm….I’m making myself hungry.

Tentative Fitness:
Monday – Run day (steady end w/sprints) + Chest & Back Circuit
Tuesday – 6s Leg Burner w/core bonus round
Wednesday – Run day (steady state) + Upper Body HIIT
Thursday – This full body workout
Friday – Run (HIIT intervals) + 15 Minute workout
Saturday – NEW Tabata Workout!
Sunday – yoga, stretching

How do you plan to make the last week of September sensational?

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